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Battle it out any day of the week with Super Monday Night Combat

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Since Super MNC released, there has been a major patch almost every week. I started playing under rule change 4, and in the next update the entire main menu had been overhauled. I only had the opportunity to play once or twice before the store and locker room menus had been modified for easier browsing, as well. Rule change 6 brought about an entirely new map that requires new strategies. Instead of having just the annihilator, there are two mortar guns that can be activated throughout the match to decimate the opposing team. Super MNC always feels fresh and new because of these content updates and balance tweaks.

A victory in Super Monday Night Combat means a rain of coins for the winning team.

A stream of bots of all shapes and sizes crowd the disco-esque ball as it falls to the ground. Pros of the opposing team use their fully upgraded skills and weapons to wreak havoc on the unshielded core of the base. Members of the defending team can do little but watch as their money ball's health falls further and further until it explodes in a fountain of coins. Nothing left to do now except "GG" and queue up for another match. You can find Super Monday Night Combat on steam for the low cost of zero dollars. If this is what sports are going to look like in the future, it can't come soon enough.

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