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Five reasons to give the PS Vita a second chance

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The price will go down eventually

I genuinely believe that the Vita deserves a second chance. That said, if you're going to shell out the cash for the system and give it that second chance, maybe you should wait for the price to go down. It's going to happen eventually, but let's hope Sony cuts the Vita's price tag sooner rather than later. As it stands, the several thousand dollars the manufacturer is asking you to pay is a bit steep (though I heard Sony also accepts gold bars), especially for a handheld that hardly has any worthwhile games.

It would definitely be in the best interest of both the seller and the consumer to lower the Vita's price. We can all hope for Sony to announce a decent price cut on the Vita soon, but until that happens, it's probably best to wait on giving the powerful portable machine a second chance.

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