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Five reasons to give the PS Vita a second chance

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You don't have to get the 3G model

When I eventually save up enough cash for a Vita, I won't be paying $50 extra for the 3G model. Instead, I'll go with the Wi-Fi model and buy $50 worth of $1 chicken sandwiches. It's just common sense. Simply put, no one really needs the 3G model if they're going to buy a Vita. Not only is the Wi-Fi model good enough to suit the needs of gamers who want some portable gaming goodness, but the more you read all over the internet, the more you'll figure out that there's really nothing compelling about getting the more expensive Vita 3G.

If you're going to buy a Vita, save yourself 50 bucks and instead use that money on a game. If you're going the digital route and plan on downloading some top quality PlayStation Network titles, that money will go a long way, and you'll have a nice collection of smaller digital games for your Vita. Of course, you could always just follow in my footsteps and get more chicken sandwiches than you know what to do with.

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