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Things Microsoft needs to do at E3 to dominate

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Halo 4, and Milking Like Crazy

Finally, as much as Microsoft wants to focus on the entertainment aspect of their system, they should know that games make the utmost difference.  With that, the team needs to introduce a plethora of projects, both downloadable and retail, to entice gamers.  But obviously the big focus will be on Halo 4, the upcoming sequel that’s set to drop on November 6.  Microsoft needs to remind us why this sequel is such a big deal and what it means to both hardcore first-person shooters and newcomers who are experiencing the saga for the first time.  This needs to have a huge showcase on the floor, with multiple multiplayer kiosks and goodies, like Master Chief plastic masks, to spread the hype.  C’mon, Microsoft.  Don’t let us down!

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