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Five best video game spin-offs of all time

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Metroid Prime

When gamers first got word that the Metroid series was returning, reactions were mixed, especially upon finding out that the classic sidescroller was being redone as a first-person-shooter by some unknown developer called Retro Studios. Many expected nothing more than a Call of Duty clone with some crappy morph-ball sections, and waited to see just how badly Retro would screw things up.  

Thing is, all the haters quickly found themselves biting their tongues. Not only did Retro Studios figure out how to make a first person shooter work without invoking the second analog stick, but Metroid Prime also managed to retain the classic exploration elements of Metroid despite the radical new viewpoint. In fact, Metroid Prime was crammed full of even more exploring than the original games, with Samus's scan visor letting the beautiful bounty hunter collect information on just about every aspect of the game world, while still stumbling across classic items like the Ice Beam and Grapple Beam.

Oh, and those Morph Ball sections? Actually a ton of fun!

Metroid Prime helped turn a troubled studio into one of Nintendo's strongest first party developers, with Retro having continued work on plenty more Nintendo properties, including Donkey Kong Country Returns and Mario Kart 7. As good as these games have been, current rumors claim that Retro Studios are hard at work on a Wii U title, one based on an even more exclusive franchise.

Legend of Zelda: Prime? We're crossing our fingers

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