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Five best video game spin-offs of all time

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Mega Man Legends

Honestly, we shouldn't be so surprised about Capcom choosing to spin-off their Lost Planet franchise. After all, this is the same company which owns Mega Man, a character who's had his own fighting game, racing game, RPG, Pokemon ripoff... hell, he even dominated Dr. Wily at future soccer. That's one busy robot.

Though out of all of these titles, Mega Man Legends stands out as the greatest of the numerous Mega Man spin-offs, the solid action-adventure still regarded by many as one of the best original PlayStation games. Mega Man Legends was the first game to take Mega Man into the realm of 3D, and though the controls were a bit wonky (the DualShock controller hadn't been invented yet), the game's exciting dungeons were still a blast to explore, packed full of traps, secret passages and massive bosses.

Perhaps most memorable was the game's cast of characters, all of whom seemed plucked from the ranks of a classic Saturday cartoon show. The lovable Gramps, Mega Man's sidekick (and potential love interest) Roll, and of course the lovable villian Tron Bonne and her army of Servbots. Of course, in the mid 90s Tomb Raider was making buckets of money, which meant this fun, brightly-colored romp went rather ignored by a gaming public hungry for more violence and sex. This meant plenty missed out on one of the funniest moments in Mega Man history, our intrepid hero checking up on how Roll is doing in the shower:

Point is, Mega Man Legends was packed full of content, all of it excellent. Unlockable weapons, voice-acted cutscenes... the game even had a hidden "Good/Evil" meter, which would subtly change Mega Man's armor color depending on your actions within the game. Many astute players figured out you could spend 10 minutes kicking a pig against the wall to turn Mega Man's armor completely black, which though a bit questionable morally, looked totally badass:

Anyhow, more than a few fans were disappointed when Capcom cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 for the Nintendo 3DS. Knowing how the once-legendary studio has been struggling, we'll wait to see if E.X. Troopers actually makes it to production...

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