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Nitpick: Invisible Walls

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I'm wondering to myself the reason as to why the heck they show an area that is inaccessible, especially when it's so freaking tangible to the one I'm exploring. If I can see it I should be able to get there unless some physical disability doesn't allow my character to go there. It just doesn't make sense, right? It's not just this game though. There are plenty of other games that do this too. I was playing Diablo III earlier today and while I was exploring there was a door right below the corridor I was walking through. The only thing stopping me from jumping off of the corridor to the exit below was a railing. Or so I thought. Of course there's an invisible wall that prevents me from falling down a whole floor. Sure you can make some logical sense and try to think of excuses such as, “Your character would probably injure himself trying to jump from there” or “It's not in-character for your Barbarian to do that.”

Another instance of an invisible wall I found particularly annoying in Diablo III was jumping across chasms. Sometimes I wound find a large crater that I can't get past because obviously the game doesn't want me falling into it. However, as a Demon Hunter I have a special ability that allows me to jump large distances. The hilarious thing is that I can't use that skill to jump over that hole. What the heck? Come on, I'm all for common sense and everything but in this day and age, that's pretty inexcusable! Why would you implement a game that way!

I'd hate to beat on Tales of Graces f anymore than I already have but this truly boggles my mind. There are certain dungeons that prevent me from accessing grounds that are not level with the one you're on. This means that you can be walking along perfectly fine but suddenly stopped when the ground suddenly drops a level equivalent to one single step of a staircase. What...?! The game then nonchalantly goes onto make you activate a mechanism that will elevate the floor for mere inches so you can proceed. Seriously game developers, what are you thinking? If you're going to make an invisible wall at least make it so it doesn't test my patience, and intelligence. You could've easily made it so it's not mere inches but a few dozen feet. That way it makes sense why there's an invisible wall there!

While I've nitpicked the entire time about explicit invisible walls, there are some plus sides. For games like Starcraft II and League of Legends, it makes sense to have them. There are plenty of ledges in these games and honestly units should be able to climb down from these ledges but they're not able to. Instead, the method of travel is limited because traversing over ledges and such is a special ability therefore creating a strategic environment in the game. For this reason it can actually enhance the game.

So there are some great uses of invisible walls; after all, I made it clear how invisible walls enhance immersion and add strategic elements to the gameplay. However, even so, it baffles me how explicit invisible walls exist today. Sure it's a nitpicky detail in the grand scheme of things but game developers should strive to better deliverer an awesome experience, one that doesn't break the immersion.

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