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Why Konami needs to announce Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II

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We’re interested in seeing what happens with Gabriel.

Gabriel, the main hero of Lords of Shadow, went through quite a bit in the original game after fighting so much to revive his beloved Marie.  We’d love to see the next chapter in his saga, seeing if the anguish over losing her is enough to truly break him, or if it makes him more powerful in his next adventure.  He’s got quite the story to tell.  Also, if Konami brings back the same excellent voice cast, including the return of Stewart, Carlyle and the others, we’d be all for it.



We want new weapons.

Castlevania has always been about using a wide scope of weaponry, and Lords of Shadow II could easily provide the opportunity to use new weapons, like a boomerang or other powerful tools.  We’d love to see the throwing axes make a return, as well as more angry beasts to ride and bigger bosses to cut down to size.  The first game certainly got it done, so why not a second?

The Castlevania franchise is still well-loved.

Even though it’s been ages since we’ve had a Symphony of the Night-style game, interest in the Castlevania series remains incredibly high.  Lords of Shadow proved that with its release a couple of years back, and Konami has no doubt kept an interest in the series, especially with SOTN and Castlevania Chronicles being offered as freebies for PlayStation Plus subscribers.  Also, since the company doesn’t really have any other Castlevania games in production (whatever happened to that Bloodlines revival, anyway?), we need whatever new they can throw at us.  Lords of Shadow II would not only be a genuine surprise, but a welcome one at that.

The ball’s in your court, Konami.  Make it happen.


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