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Five reasons why Guild Wars 2 is awesome

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1. Dynamic Events

I will say, if I didn't generalize dynamic events to one topic, it would've consumed every reason on this list. The idea, concept, and implementation of dynamic events is absolute stunning — and breathtaking, to say the least. I could go on and on about how amazing dynamic events are, but I'll keep it short.

Dynamic events allow you to quest in a manner unlike any other game before. Rather than walking into a town and collecting a bunch of quests for you to do in the middle of an area, dynamic events encourage you to explore areas and stumble on quests. As you're walking across a river bank, you can get a notification that prompts you to kill slugs. No one tells you to go and do something, you find it. You also see the slugs attacking villagers. Rather than some silly story that tells you what's going on, you experience it for yourself. You have the option to ignore this event if you'd like, but doing the quests will yield rewards like a new event. Dynamic events create a persistent world where things are always happening. If you're thinking that Guild Wars 2 is a stagnant and boring game, it's far from it.

Dynamic events also allow for organic party forming. You can be doing an event and suddenly other players can join in and help your cause. There's no menu where you have to click to form a group. Parties naturally form because of how lively the world is and it's all due to the cohesion of dynamic events and the world that effectively uses it.

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