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Five reasons why Guild Wars 2 is awesome

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4. No Holy Trinity

Getting rid of the holy trinity is probably the most generic and unoriginal thing to list, but it's a big deal. There is no needed role for a party. The ability to play whichever profession you want and when you want without having the party suffer for it is absolutely amazing. I can play as a thief and not worry about whether the group needs a tank, healer, or a DPS.

The game has done away with this concept and replaced it with a system where each person is to care for his or her own self. If you die, it's your fault. If you mess up, it's your fault. That isn't to say that you won't be getting support, though. All the professions work well with each other. You can mesh skills together and combine teamwork for great results, however, you are still responsible for your own part in the group effort.  

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