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Five reasons why Guild Wars 2 is awesome

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5. The World

The world of Guild Wars 2 is bustling with life. It's not a static environment with things waiting for you to happen. It's a very large persistent world that lives its own life whether you're there or not. People will move around on a schedule, environments change, and the time of day actually matters. Some of the subtleties that the world has to offer add up to an engaging MMO experience.

In addition, the lore of Guild Wars 2 is rich. The foundation was already set in the original Guild Wars, but ArenaNet has expanded the world since then. Despite it taking place in the same continent, the world has changed. New races have entered the picture, new apocalypses occurred, and new alliances have been forged. Despite it being an old place, the world has been painted over for new lore to be explored by the players. If you want a deep narrative experience from Guild Wars 2, you're going to get it.

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