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Diablo III In-Depth Walkthrough | FAQ

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Light the five Signal Beacons in Skycrown Battlements
You'll see yourself on top of the watchtower. Speak with Tyrael and he lights the first beacon here and leaves the rest of them to us. There are five more beacons along the wall.
If you go down the stairs into the armory then you can see Leah and Adria, you will find some Lore in Leah's Belongings on the table in the next room. Go to the stairs near the northwest corner to enter the main area of the stronghold. You will find another piece of Lore in Captain Haiely's Supply Chest.
You ought to explore all of the stronghold now and learn the locations of everyone. Take a follwer with you to the drawbridge to the right and go thru the door leading to the Skycrown battlements. The barrels and crates which you come along to can be broken to find a lot of loot, other than that, we return to Demon Slaying with Azmodan'sa forces at the doors.
You have a chance to come across Captain Cyrillis who asks you to help him out on the wall. But, he is smashed by a Demonic Hell Bearer and it's up to you to kill it, more Demon Troopers also join the fray.
On your way you will find several barrels of hot oil which can be used to eradicate more than a few enemies if used properly. Climb the stairs to the widest part of the wall and start slaughtering the Fallen. When you get to the first beacon, more Demon Troopers come out. You ought be be able to see the location of the Beacons on the minimap. You will find a Demon Hellbearer near the first beacon, they keep vomiting Demonic Troopers so as soon as you see a Hellbearer, keep hitting it till it dies or you will have an endless suppy of Demonic troopers.
Follow the path to each to the beacon, they will show up on the mini map.
Find Sargeant Dalen in the Skycrown Battlements
After you light all the beacons you ought to move ahead along the wall and you will find Dalen near a locked door. You will likely see a Vision of Azmodian as you near the Seargent.


You have to make you way to the Catapults but you start off with a sidemisson first. You need to help Captain Haile with his task of raising the Drawbridge so that his reinforcements can cross over. As the lift rises, you will need ot face Demonic Troopers and Hellflyers. Once the lift is raised a Unique called Dragus will cross over to kill you.
Raise the 3 catapults in Stonefort
After you finish the sub plot above, you will need to crossover to the three catapults. You will face more enemies here. You need to get to Seargen Burrows near the first catapult and then follow him to the gates nearby to get back some recruits. There's a healing well up the stairs to the left of the catapult and you just need to worry about killing the demons that come here. Do not worry about the recruits as for once in the whole game, the good guys keep coming after they are killed.
Continue along the wall after that and you come to Lt.Lavail. Now, we fight some more Hellbearers. They keep spweing more Troopers so you have to keep their numbers in check and the best way to do it is to kill them as soon as possible. Finish off all the hellbearers in the area and then move ahead to the last catapult.
Lt.Clyfton is the person incharge of this catapult here and well, it's manual labour time for us. You need to continuously click on the winch to raise the catapult but obviously you will be attacked by more enemies here. You need to time yourself between killing and raising the wench - do not be in a hurry and having a follower certainly helps. The Witch Doctors will most likely find it easier than other classes beacause they can summon their own mosters and even have a follow to fight as you keep click on to raise the catapult. Head back to the bastion's Keep after that with the town portal.


Find the Keep Depths level 2
You can come across Ironsmith Maldonado who needs someone to defend him while he makes some weapons. You need to protect him for about a minute only, just stay close to him and he will be done soon and you get some nice rewards.
This first level is filled with mostly Skeletal enemies. You will come across both Melee and Ranged Skeletal enemies and you ought to go back out a door nearby so that they come thru in one by one as you use the door like a choke point. Almost every room in this area will have one or the other kind of enemies in multiple numbers.
You will come across an area where lava is flowing below your feet and it will shoot up thru the grates so be careful. If you want to head out of here soon then you will mostly find the entrance to the second level in the far northeast corner of the map.
Find the Breach in the Keep Depths
You just have to have a follower and a full stock of potions with you. You will come across Swift Skull Cleavers from now on and they are formidably opponents who can cut you down easily - espoecailly when they are attacking in groups. You need to more strategic and use area of efect skill coupled with slowing skills like cold. You will also come to meet several Fallen Maniacs who detonate on hitting them. You have to kill them when they are in the middle of other enemy groups.
Keep going thru the second level till you get to the Breach and another vision of Azmodian will hit you and the entrance to the third level is also nearby. In the third level of the Dungeon you will come across Demonic Tremors. They are the baddest brute enemies in the game but you need to tay out of their reach and move around continuously. If they go into their defensive stance then you will not be able to hurt them so you can cencentrate on other enemies while they get out of their stance. You will find your way to the larder as you move thru this level.
Find the Bastion Keep Larder
Go thru the larder and you will come to Ghom.
Kill Ghom in the Larder
Ghom is a fat B*******, but you can see that... The best way to take Ghom down (and it can get easy too) is the stay far from him - as far as possible and hit hit from a distance, that way, you only will need to worry about his sneez which scatters on the ground and you ought not to step on it as it can cause you damage over time. If somehow you do get a bit close to him then he will most probably use his gas clouds to slow you down and try to eat you up whole - which is aptly named as the chomp attack. Ranged attacked also need to look out for Ghoms minons who come out of his mouth - the Acid Slimes. These slimes will follow you and can be kill easily but do not take your eyes off Ghom and do not step on their remains. After Ghom is killed, the toxic gases he releases will continue to stay for a while.
You will come across the body of a half eaten guard near the edges of the Larder and you can look for Ghom's lore with it. 
Return to the Bastion Keep Stronghold
Use the waypoint here to get back to the stronghold.


Shortest quest in the game.......
Go to the Armoury
Whoop, trouble! do what the objective tells you...
Kill the Shadow Vermin
You see Vermin come out of the soulstone, start killing them. You should be fine against them now.
Talk to Leah
Talk to Leah


Go thru the Arreat gate
Speak with Tyrael in the Armoury to start the quest. Go by the drawbridge and head straight to the Arreat Gate.
Talk to the Seargent Pale outside the Arreat Gate
Go down the steps and you come to Pale. He tells us that we need to fight our way across the battlefields to the bridge of Korsikk and then head into the Fields of Slaughter.
To the left of where you see Pale is a two level dungeon called The Barracks which has a chance to have multiple Replendent Chests and multitudes of fallen behind a drawbridge which you need to pull down. Go to the lower level and talk to a guard who's here. He tells you of his mission firend. Look behind all the closed rooms in this area and you will find the friend, go back to get some reward.
Instead of The Barracks, you may come to the Fortified Bunker. This place only has a single Resplendent Chest but you will fight DDemonic eenemies here includeing Hellflyers, Tremord, Moloks and many others
If you come across a camp which is under attack by the Blood Clan then help them in clearing out the enemies and soon after that and monstrous Firewing attacks you. This is like a broodmother of all the Moloks and spits fiery projectiles and is also capable of meelee hits. Speak to Colonel Severyn after you kill it for your reward.
This is a common two level dungeon which can be accessed from the center of the battlefields area. You will find a lot of Skeleton warriors and a Resplendent Chest in here.
IF you look hard enough, you have a chance to find he Forward Barracks which host a Resplendent chest and other loot sources alongside a few enemies.
Cross the Bridge of Korsikk
You come to fight some Blood Clan Warriors and Blood Clan Spearmen. If you come across a Herald of Pestilence then you can use a nice tactic to take it down without too many problems. The Herald will dig into the ground and bring up it's arm elsewhere and when it does that, go behind the body which will not move until the arm is in the ground and hit it till it dies.
The Bridge of Korsikk is to the Northeast but if you move to the center then you will see a large crater which leads to other places with side missions (only a chance).
Once you come to the bridge you should be able to see multiple traps you can use to your advantage and you have a possibility of finding a shirne here. Cross over and you come to the Fields of Slaughter.
This is a two level dungeon filled with Lacuni like warriors a lot of loot and possibly a Resplendent Chest
This is actually a unique cave and if you come across this then consider yourself lucky because you are going to face enemies which can be found nowhere else in the game. They are the Possessed and th Greath Horned Goliath.
Destroy the 3 Demonic Ballistae
The three Ballistae are around the Trbuchet and have a Herald of Pestilence and and other enemies. You will also come across several Moloks and Hellflyers. Each Ballista is guarded so take down all the enemies before you destroy it.
Destroy the Trebuchet
First kill all foes you come across. To destroy the Trebuchet, you will need to destroy it's controls which can be accessed from the southwest corner of the crater where the device is mounted at the end of a overhang. Fight your way up the narrow approach and destroy the controls.
Find Rakki's Crossing
The Crossing can be reached if you head northeast past the furthest ballista.
Talk to Tyrael
Tyrael is seen waiting for you, talk to him.


Find the demon gate at the edge of the Abyss
You will reach the Edge of Abyss if you go straigh on the far bank of Rakki's Crossing. You have Tyrael who is into battle now with you for the first time but even with an angel by youe side you ought to expect nothing less than a great fight. You will face all kidns of enemies and Blood Clan Sorcereres who have the abilitly to increase the scores of the other enemies nearby. Kill the Sorcereres to avoid too many buffs. Make your way to the burning barricade which is at the end of the viaduct. Then go left down the stairs into the interior. You can reach the edge of Abyss if yor proceed north across Rakki's Crossing.
If you come across Private James near the base of the watchtower then he asks you to deliver a spyglass to Lt.Gryffith on top of the only need to fight past a Hell Bearer.
You will find this as you smash through a door and the events in this may vary randomly from meeting a merchant to fighting Bloodclan members.
You may find the entrance to this place near the waypoint. You will find a Resplendent Chest and numerous other loot here and if you see a Fortune Shrine, use it to get a 25% boost in the gold you find.
You may come across Captail Haile while on the Rakki's Crossing. Just fight alongside him for about a minute and talk to him for a reward.
Kill the Siegebreaker Assaut Beast
Soon you will come to the Demon Gate and see how Tyrael's sword sucks, but wait! what's that?
The Siegebreaker Assault Beast is not as dumb as it sounds, infact, it is very powerful. Again, this is another monster where the melee fighters suffer (I mean, theey suffer anyway thru the whole game but I got to write...) If you are in it's melee range then it does a swift three hit with it's arm which is well, better seen than explained. Another attack of it is when it let's out a long shout and then slams into the ground causing area of effect damage - run away as soon as it starts shouting. It can also charge and you ought ot make it charge into the walls by standing close to them. This will give you a few seconds as it recovers. As I mentioned, ranged attackers should maintain as much distance as possible and you ought to slow it or stun it to make things easier.
Talk to Adria near the demon gate
Go towards the Demon Gate where Adria is waiting and talk to her and she tells you of the Sin Hearts within the crater.


Go through Arreat Crater and find the Tower of the Damned
The crater will see strange with mystery and all; The enemies you encounter in it are even stranger, this looks like a misfit level but in the sense that it is different to any of the surroundings we've seen earlier in the game. Choosing a skill to work with is going to be extremely important because of all the accursed things you come across. Note the Tormented Stingers which attack in numbers, these cowardly creatures can be lethal in large numbers and their sting is nothing to be measured by their size. Immediately use a moving ability which will allow you to instantly escape from the clutches of these scorpions. Amongst other creatures are the enhanced versions of all the Blood Clan members you have fought till now and also some Demonic Serpents which lodge you in the air. You will also need a lot of life so make sur you are revived before you move further or into another area.
You'll come into many paths which lead nowhere but travel northeast and you will come to the Tower of the Damned. Azmodian appears again in a vision.
Find the Sin Heart in the Heart of the Damned
Go down the stairs to the central path and circle your way around the edges to more steps leading into the next level. The entrance to the stairs is directly east. You come across the Phasebeast and the Succubus here. The Succubus should be dealth with in close range and the Phasebeast from afar. If you are hit by the Bloodstar Curse then try to stay out of battle till the curse fades.
You'll come into the second level of the tower from the central spire. Go on the spiraling path to reach the entrance to level 3 at roughly north west position. Soul Rippers make their presence in  numbers in this second level and you ought to deal with Area of Effect attacks on them.
In the Heart of Damned, follow the spiraling path down in an anti-clockwise direction. You'll come across flaming jets and hell bringers on your way down. Make your way around the perimeter to the east to find the Sin Heart
Kill the Daughters of Pain
The Daughters of Pain are three Succubi. You have to deal with them as soon as possible because some Blazing Ghouls come in very soon. Try to stay clear of Cydaea as much as possible.
Destroy the Sin Heart
Take down the Blazing Ghouls and destroy the Sin Heart and move down the stairs to Arreat Crater Level 2.
Find the Tower of the Cursed
If you thought for one bit that level 1 was tough then this will get really really ugly. You will meet a host of deadly enemies here and I can't even mention all the names. But you will see a certain Hellhide Tremor which can kill you with ease if you are too lax. Try to seperate all enemies. After you reach the waypoint and the enemies spot you, you ought to run back on the narrow bridge taking down what enemies follow you. If you manage to destroy all of them, head east to the Tower of the Cursed.
Find the Sin Heart in the tower of the Cursed
Keep to the perimeter and make your way around the tower in a counter-clockwise direction to reach the path crossing into the middle stairs in the position below you.
When you reach the second level, make your way along the edge of the level, if you look in all of the sources of loot along the way, you  are sure to find health potions. Make sure you have a lot of Major Health Potions going into the next level. Cross to the center of the tower on the north side and go down the spiral stairs and you come to the entrance to the next level.
Just keep walking on the path till you come to the stairs going down, and then to the Sin Heart and Cydaea.
Kill Cydaea
Shockingly, you will find that, for the first time in the game, melee fighter will do better against a boss than ranged fighters, but then again, this boss ain't really too much to brag about. At close range Cydaea is only capable of melle striking you but at far ranges she is capable of pain bolting you and also trapping you with web before she hits you. You will find yourself being attacked by spiderlings occasionally but they are no biggie. But she also goes up to the ceiling and make pits on the ground which make more spiers come out but they can be tackled with relative ease with any area of effect attack. Cydaea is not really such a big deal and I wonder why she was not made to be tougher but then again, we will know what tough is soon enough...
Destroy the Sin Heart
After she dies, take your spoils and destroy the second Sin Heart. Go down the stairs on the left to the Core of Arreat.
Kill Azmodan in the Heart of Sin
The Core of Arreat has it's own set of enemies but talking about them at this point will make no difference, move to the entrance of the Heart of Sin in the distance and make a trip back to the stronghold and gather everything you need to for a full fledged act III boss fight.
Azmodan is no push over (understatement)... If you move in too close to him he will strike you and slow you. If he does a belly flop then you will do a pain hop. More importantly, he has a Globe of Fire attack where a Globe of Fire (no points for guessing..) will come after you and well, it's a heat seeking missile so you better keep moving to avoid it. When you see the red circles on thr ground then make sure you move out of the way because there's going to be dead people falling on you (did you expect frogs?)... If you grow less on health then you better move to the edges of the place and use a potion and wait for it to colledown and make sure your life is full again. Melee fighters should make fast strikes and move out of the way before he can slow strike you. Once he gets low on health - about half, he starts conjuring black pools on the ground which will suck away your life as long as you stand on them. Get away from these pools when you see them and also, if his health gets lower further, he starts shooting lasers. Ocassionally, Azmodan will raise portals from the ground and some of his Minions come out who are a great source for health orbs. After they fight he leaves behind his soul and a load of great loot.
Get the Soul of Azmodan
Your friends come in to capture the soul into the Black Soulstone.
Return to the Bastion's Keep Stronghold
You should use the Town Portal to get back to the Stronghold.
Talk to Lieutenant Lavail
Do what it says...
Enter the Armory
Surprisingly, the Armory is empty....
Go to the Keep Tower
Climb the stairs to the Keep Tower so see the drama...
Enter the portal to Heaven
Enter the portal to Heaven...



Talk to Tyrael at the Diamond Gates
Go down the steps to where Tyrael is and speak with him.
Enter the Vestibule of Light
Stand on the blue portal to go to the Vestibule.
Kill Iskatu and his minions
By this time you ought to have unlocked some extremely powerful attacks so make sure you use them. You'll face Ishkatu and a host of Shadow Vermin. The Vermin can be taken out with relative ease if you unleash your best area of effect attacks, after a while Ishkatu himself joins the fight. He is mainly a melee fighter and if you try to flank him or outmanover him, he will summon fiery spots on the ground with his Desecrator ability. You ought to stay away from Ishkatu at all times but he will make sure he stays close to you. Kill any Shadown Vermin coming out of the shadows for health globes.


Find Itherael
Climb the stairs to the Waypoint to find Ithrael.
Talk to Itherael
He tells you how the Archangel of Hope has been captured by the Lord of Despair Rakanoth
Find the Library of Fate in the Gardens of Hope
Auriel is supposedly in the Gardens of Hope tier 1, proceed thru the archway behind Ithrael.
Enter the Library of Fate
When you come across Oppressors, make sure you move out of the way when they use their fire breath attack and hit them from the sides. You will come across all kinds of new enemies in here and you should avoid the areas were circles show up since something is going to be dropped from above. Another massive enemy here is the Armored Destroyer hit it from the flanks to damage it. If you come across a Vile Temptress then make sure you stay clear of it's attacks and kill it as soon as it's possible since (like their cousins the Succubus) they can weaken you greatly with the Blood Star. make your way across the bridge where you come to a waypoint (to the west) and the entrance to the Library of Fate. You ough to use the waypoint to go back right now if you want to restock and get a follower with you.
Kill Rakanoth
Rakanoth is one of the most skilled enemies in the game. He also is a melee fighter mostly who can teleport within range to strike you from the back (a backstab) but this strike will drain you of most of your health so you need to avoid it at all cost and keep moving at all times. If he teleports to the center of the room then he is about to shoot projectiles at you so run to the corners of the library to avoid being hit and also beware of the Soul Devourere that he brings in, divert all of your attention to kill them while moving continously when they appear. Melee fighters will see hell if you want to get close and dirty but ranged fighters should use their most powerful skills on Rakanoth. If you do have a follower then you will get a little breathing time - if only a little.
Destroy Auriel's Prison in the Library of Fate
After Rakanoth falls down, make your way to the cage in which Auriel is and click on it.
Talk to Auriel in the Library of Fate
Talk to Auriel and he gives you a special power which allows you to dispel all the corruption which may have blocked your progress in the previous area. 
Return to Gardens of hope tier 1
Use his portal to go back to the Gardens of Hope tier 1.
Find and destroy the Corrupt Growths to reveal the hidden Hell Rift portal in the Gardens of Hope tier 1
You need to start exploring all of the tier 1 in order to find a hellrift portal. If you come across an inactive portal then remember where it is as you will need to get back to it later on. Look for the Hellrift portal and enter it.
Destroy the Rift Oculus in the Hell Rift
To get to the Oculus you will need to kill Hammermash first. He is of the lightning trair and you should sstay away from him and kill him from a distance if possible, you definitely need to stay away once he starts to raise his feet since that can be bad news. There are more enemies you will meet in this level like the Armaddons ridden by Subjugators. After you kill Hammermash through, go to the rear of the Hell Rift and destroy the Oculus.
Use Auriel's portal to leave the Hell Rift
After you destroy it, Auriel will come forth and summon a portal back to tier 1.
Enter the Gardens of Hope tier 2
Move north to find the portal that goes to the tier 2.
Find and destroy the Corrupt Growths to reveal the hidden Hell Rift portal in the Gardens of Hope tier 2
In the tier two of the Gardens of hope, you should come to a waypoint as soon as you land. You can return using the waypoint to restock. This area is larger than the previous area and has more growths you need to destroy and search under looking for the Hellrift Portal.
You will also come across two rooms (random chance out of multiple rooms) in tier 2 which are listed below -
This area has a little puzzle. You lock the tiles by stepping on them and Armored Destroyers come after you. You will find an Exquisite Chest on the other end.
This is another area with an Exquisite chest but you will find this place guarded by tons of Marauders and Oppressors.
In this room you will find the Exquisite chest in the lower area. After you reach it and open it, you will face a ton of enemies which appear on your way back.
Destroy the Rift Oculus in the Hell Rift
You might find the portal in the northern portion below a Corrupt Growth. But it still is random and you need to chesck the whole area and go into the extra rooms and gather as much exp as possible.
In the second Hell Rift you fight with Sledge if you move to the rear. But this time you will also have a healing well near the Rift Oculus which you can use in the battle. After you take down Sledge, destroy the Oculus.
Use Auriel's portal to leave the Hell Rift
She comes in again to open a portal for us (I wish they helped more!!!)....
Find the portal to Crystal Colonnade
Look for the portal to the Colonnade.
Talk to Tyrael
Tyrael is near the portal so talk to him.
Enter the Crystal Colonnade
Use the portal to enter the Colonnade.


Find the Imperius at the Crystal Colonnade.
You will come to some Angels battling an army of Oppressors and Imperius comes in to loosen up a bit but then he goes away after warning you.
Enter the Gateway to the Silver Spire.
The gateway to the spire is nearby, kill the rest of the enemies here and continue into the waypoint for a restock and a companion and come back.


Cross the Great Span on the Silver Spire
Go on the bridge to the end and you will see the Ghost here transform into a Aspect of Terror. You will be standing on a narrow path and the Aspect beings in more help but you should led Tyrael take the lead here and blast away from the rear if you can and also, make quick work to avoid being damaged greatly. Continue to the platform ahead and interact with the lift and you come into the first level of the Silver Spire. The next thing you need to do is talk to another ghost and some other Aspect shows up (this is random so writing a name is relativly useless). But whatever appears here, you should be able to finish it if you work quickly. You will come across all kinds of things as you continue ahead. The Angels you encounter are a source of great loot and if you are lucky, you will be able to see a rare Angiris Repoitory to get a lore.
A new kind of enemy in this place are the Morlu. Whatever form they come in, after you kill them you ought to destroy the ashes they form into for loot and to avoid them from coming back to life - move away from the red circles which show up indicating the are of impact of a meteor. Also, try not to step on any of the cracks on the ground to avoid being spiked. You will also find a difficult combination of Mallet Lords and Witches (which like the Succubus can cast the Blood Star Curse leaving you in no position to get close to a Mallet Lord).
Move across to the end to the Silver Spire and you come to the Great Span, get on it with Tyrael.
Kill Izual
After you cross the great Span, you come to Izual
Izual is a unique (Suppressor Class) and is powered with a Frozem Blast - if you happen to be hit by it then you will most likely be killed by the other Oppressors and Corrupted Angels who are here. The other enemies should be a source for Healt Orbs for you and even though Izual is ver fast, try to stay away from him and take him out.
Climb to the Pinnacle of heaven in the Silver Spire
You will come to a ghost of one of the several people whom you knew in the past. It will soon turn into another Aspect, whatever Aspect comes out, kill it qucily before a host of other enemies join in. In this level you should move with extreme caution and draw the attention of only a few enemies at a time. You will also meet more Morlu here but just kill anything in youe way and go to the end reaching a lift which takes you to the Pinnacle of heaven.
Talk to Tyrael
This is your last chance to do anything since we are going to face the Lord of Terror himself very soon.
Go to the Crystal Arch
Enter the Crystal Arch and know that your worth will be tested...
Find Diablo
You don't really need to "find" him.....he's just ahead.
Kill Diablo
In the fight against Diablo, you will need to kill him three times...
Know that the Crystal Arch area has two healing wells on either side...remember this...
Keep clear of all the fire projectiles - and do not stand inside the fire, you will have a lot of chance to avoid these attacks provided you take it slow and not rush in. You should only use your most powerful attack against him and move back when it's in cooldown. He also occassionally raises his hands and makes shadows appear below you which indicate the arrival of cages in which you will be trapped. Keep moving to avoid being trapped or Diablo will slam you into the ground. Hero's withe skills that can slow, chill or freeze an enemy should exploit their ability. Diablo also can charge at you within no time so you need to be on the move always. After you vring him down to half of his health, you will go into his realm along with him...
Kill the Shadow of Diablo
This Phase is not easier and know that Diablo in addition to showing all of his previous prowess will be able to summon your clones. But, they are nowhere near your powers and can be defeated with relative ease. The Shadow is actually deadlier and I had to increase the brightness of the game to be able to see where the Hell Spikes will show up on the ground but still, it's best to keep moving. Having summoned pets will be a good advantage here. He typically disappears about three times bringing forth a clone of you, but after you kill the shodow, you are in for the final phase of the battle.
Destroy Diablo
This phase is obviously deadlier because the Terror Lord is in his ultimate form (it does not look different but does feel different). The first thing you need to look out for is his Lightning Breath which is positively the most wicked attack in the entire game. Diablo also looks like he's been taking dance classes as he rotates and releases an energy beam around him in one direction - if you can, then teleport across the other side or run like hell. Do not forget about the healing wells and their 30sec delay and you may actually need to live by the wells which makes it easire for ranged fighters but never stay in one area as Diablo does all of his regular attacks too At a faster pace. take it slow and wait for the right times to hit him. If your character can teleport or move fastly then you will have a great advantage. Keep clawing at Diablo till you are able to finally destroy him.
Talk to Auriel to bring your quest to an end
Do what the objective says but more importantly, if you played only on your first difficulty then you have three more difficulties to look forward to...

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