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Diablo III In-Depth Walkthrough | FAQ

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(SM means side mission..)

The Fallen Star

The Legacy of Cain

A Shattered Crown
(SM)(Jar of Souls)
(SM)(The Matriarch's bones)

Reign of the Black King



The Scouring of Caldeum
(SM) Save the Refugees
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NOTE: Enhanced version of this guide will be available soon...Walkthrough will be updated daily (we hope Blizzard can keep their servers up for more than a few hours each day...)

Blizzard has really gone a step ahead with the concept of randomization in the game. Infact, they were so thorough that the areas of spawning, the number of enemies and also the items they drop and the items around the world are completely random and will differ from person to person during each playthrough. The only thing you can do to make sure you did not miss anything and if you want to collect all the great equipment in the game is to make sure you check each barrel, each enemy you kill and also, play the game through Normal to Inferno Difficulty - that is complete the game four times over increasing difficulties.
You cannot set the difficulty of the game, instead, the game will set the defautl difficulty in the beginning as Normal and after you finish the game once it will go to higher difficulties like Nightmare and then Hell and finally after you reach the level cap of 60, you will be able to play the Inferno difficulty and only then you will gain the rarest and the most Legendary Items in the game. So, giving you locations of where you find an item is impossible so you are on your own there and that is all because of some great randomization from Blizzard. But, we will still give you the locations where you can find extrememly rare items - we cannot tell though, what those rare or legendary items are.



Location: TRISTRAM
Note: This is the same city where The Lord of Terror - DIABLO left his unholy mark. But after those events, the town of NEW TRISTRAM is where everything starts again.
Exp Rewards: 1125
"The dead have plagued New Tristram since the star fell on the Old Cathedral. Heroes, each for a faraway land, have been drawn to this unfortunate town. Some have come out of duty, others out of prophecy, and yet another for little more that a thirst for combat. None can foretell the true extent of the darkness that awaits their arrival.
Kill the risen dead attacking the gates.
We already know that our Hero, like many others, has made his journey to the new town of Tristram because of the star that fell on the Old Cathedral - a reminiscent of the real Tristram which was Plagued by the Prime Evils in the past. Each hero is believed to have come to this place with their own goal in mind.
The journey towards the fallen star leads us to Overlook Road which leads us to the town of New Tristram. After the star fell on the Old Cathedral, all the dead buried in and around the town have started to coming life and also have been attacking other people in a bid to make them one of their own. After we get control of ourselves, note that, you attacking enemy by left clicking on them and you move to a location by left clicking on the ground. You do not have any powers if you are starting the game for the first time now. The first enemies you fight are called RISEN and they are the weakest type of enemies. You can practically kill them with two blows max - one blow kills are also possible - they all depend on the throw you get.
You will come to the gates of Tristram soon but they are closed. You will also see a certain - Captain Rumford and some members of the local Militia trying to ward off the Risen ones. Help the Captain and the Militia to kill the Risen here - there are a lot of them so keep at it till their numbers are exhausted. You will get a lot of help from the Militia but anyway, you will not suffer any significant damage as I already told you - these are the weakest in the game.
Talk to Leah in the Slaughtered Calf Inn.
After killing all of the Risen, go to Captain Rumford and talk to him (you need to left click on him to initiate dialogue). You can ask him about the events of the Fallen Star and you will learn that a woman named Leah was the only survivor from the Old Cathedral area. He also mentions that you can find Leah in the Slaughtered Calf Inn within New Tristram.
Since all the Risen here are dead, the Captain will open the gates for you, go into the town and explore it - I think I do not need to stress the importance of ecploration in a game like Diablo - it's an essence of the game... You can converse will some of the NPC's like the mayor of the town and so on but you will need to enter the Slaughtered Calf Inn soon. You can talk to Bron the Barkeep inside the Inn who can repair your equipment if you need them repaired and he also sells stuff. You can see Leah inside so go speak to her after you are done looking around.
Kill the Transformed Risen.
Rewards - Gold 60, Exp 60
Talk to Leah and as you keep talking (she actually tells you what happened on the day the star fell), suddenly, the town's people around you turn into the Risen - the living are being transformed - as if the dead weren't enough. Resume your heroics from earlier by killing the ones that have Risen here (no they are still no match for you) and after you kill all of them, go back to Leah and speak to her again.
Talk to Leah again.
Your conversation now should consist of how you are willing to help her .cough. the village by getting rid of the remaining monsters. Now, she wants you to go back outside the village gates and speak to Captain Rumford.
Talk to Captain Rumford at the gate to New Tristram.
Before you go out and back to Rumford, lets take a look at how to ear more Exp first. As you may know, reading books which you come across in the game will yield useful Exp (unlike many other games), this gives us a good reason to collect as many books as possible. One of the books is in Leah's room in the Inn itself and another book is in the house next door. Also, take a look at the Stash chest outside the Slaughtered Calf Inn and take the potions from inside.
Now, you can finally go back to Rumford and speak to him.
Kill the Wretched Mother
As you come out, you will see that there's a new problem. Risen are trying to break thru the barricade and get into town. To get rid of the Risen, you will need to kill the Wretched Mother who is here first. The Wretched Mother has the ability to call forth more Risen so take care of her as quickly as you can and do not forget to search her. If you are a ranged combatant, beware of her spit - move out of the way or it can do considerable damage.
Kill the Wretched Queen in the Old Ruins.
Location: Old Tristram Road
You come onto the Old Tristram road now with fields nearby and abandoned houses. If you want to explore, then look around in all the houses nearby, you will find basic enemies most of the time but rarely some rare ones too. They give you some good Exp points and there are never more than 3-5 enemies.  You can expect better rewards if you find a rare enemy. You can also enter the wells which you come across. It would seem that the wells have a lot of Gold you can pick up as well as some basic enemies. Make sure you are holding the Alt button to highlight all the stuff around you. Note that you may or may not come across the things mentioned because they are completely random.
Kill 3 Wretched Mothers
As you pass thru the Old Tristram Road, you will come across more Wretched Mothers. If you can find and manage to kill at least 3 of them then you will gain an additional 450 XP and a little gold. They spawn randomly so just keep exploring about till you find at least three of them.
The Old Ruins are all the way to the far northeast of the map. As you may have learned by now, you can rid the town of the Risen and the Mothers only by getting rid of the Wretched Queen.
You can come across many enemies and many places to see. Make sure you are exploring and picking up every thing there is to take. You may also find an Old Keepsake Box if you look carefully (random spawn point) which has XP boosting Lore. You never know when you may come across a new kind of monster or a rare item so take your time in exploring every part of the place and kill every monster you come across. As you follow the road you will come to the Old Ruins. The Wretched Mother is near the waypoint to the east. But make sure you step into the armory first and check the weapons rack for a better weapon. Also, make sure you explore all of the area around here and kill the Wretched Mothers and the Walking Corpses which will give us a lot of XP. After you are done circling the area go to the waypoint to the east to get to the Wretched Mother.
The Wretched Queen will be easier to kill than you may have thought (or did you think otherwise?). She fights similar to the Mothers - summoning the Risen or Spitting at us. You need to get close to her if possible and concentrate on killing her as quickly as possible. If you killed enough enemies, you should be at a higher level than she is. If you get rid of the Wretched Mother you will gain 450 XP for slaying her. She has little health so it's not going to be a major problem. After you kill her, get rid of the other minions around here.
Use the Old Ruins Waypoint.
Move towards the gate here and use the waypoint. Just walk over it to activate it.
Talk to Captain Rumford in New Tristram.
You should talk to Captain Rumford and tell him of your victory. You can find Rumford just outside the Slaughtered Calf.


The Legacy of Cain

Location: Old Tristram
Exp Reward: 3300
Use the New Tristram waypoint to go to the Old Ruins
Now, after talking to Leah we know for now, that her uncle was present in the Old Cathedral when the Star fell down upon the Cathedral. She tells us that her uncle may still live inside the debris and you can help her search for her uncle. Just walk into the way point in New Tristram and go back to the Old Ruins where you fought the Wretched Queen.
Go to the Old Tristram Gate
Talk to Leah again and she goes ahead and opens up the gate to Old Tristram.
Find Adria's Hut
Adria was Leah's estranged mother. Leah knew her uncle better than she knew her mother. There are very few enemies here but you should look around for a glowing chest which will contail a rare item. You will also come to a bridge to the southeast which leads to Adria's Hut.
Search Adria's Hut
Enter the hut and you will see that there are a lot of dead bodies - will they rise up? that is for you to find out. Anyway, you may also have learned that this is the area where Captain Daltyn from New Tristram led his militia in his final stand against the Risen. You may look around for the Captain's Corpse in a bid to find a piece of rare equipment but his corpse is nowhere to be found.
Enter the Hidden Cellar in Adria's Hut
Keep moving about in the hut and Leah will discover a ladder which leads down into the secret cellar of the hut.
Explore the Hidden Cellar
Go down to the hidden cellar and look around revealing parts of the story of Leah's Mother.
Kill Captain Daltyn and the Risen
And then..poof, You get to meet Captain Daltyn and some Rise. Captain Daltyn cannot summon any Risen so you can just kill of all the Risen quickly first before concentrating on the captain. He has only about 80 Hit Points and when killed, yields 500 Xp. Even though there is a lot of hye surrounding Captain Dalytin, you will soon get to know why he was so easily killed by the Risen - he is not a match even after he is dead. You can take him out with a lot of ease.
Talk to Leah in the Hidden Cellar
After you kill off the Captain, search the Cauldron in the center of the area abd then go back and talk to Leah. She is going to go back to New Tirstram and you have the key to the Cathedral so move ahead.
Go to the Cathedral
You come out of the cellar after that and Risen come up too. The Cathedral is to the north from here so move up. You will again come across a lot of corpses which you can search but keep your eye out for the risen and walking corpses. The Cathedral is close-by and when you reach it, use the key you have to open and go into the Cathedral.
Note: You can also find a mass grave to the side of the road beneath a Snarled Tree, if you can search it then go down and kill the enemies here and you have a chance to pick up a rare item.
Enter Cathedral Level 1
You can see the humongous hold on the ground - it is evident that the crater fell there so kill the remaining enemies and go into the crater.
Search for signs of Deckard Cain in the Cathedral
Gp down the stairs to where the falling start left a crater in it's wake. There's a wooden door around the corner to the south, break it to enter the Dungeon's main area. Now, if your forgot, then we are here to find Deckerd Cain = Leah's Uncle who is believed to be trapped deep inside the Cathedral. 
You will face new enemies in this Dungeon which include Grotesques. Unlike any other enemy you encountered till now, after you deplete the Grothesque's health fully, it will explode cause damage in a small area around it and out of the explosion you may find some corpse worms coming out. Be very careful while fighting the Grotesques and back off before you get caught in the explosion.
Apart from the Grotesques, you will also face some Carrion Bats - you can hear the flutter of their wings throughout the dungoen. One of them is also a rare enemy - the Molten Carrion Bat which leaves a trail of fire in it's path. To be truthful, the most difficult monster till now will be the Molten Carrion Bat. Avoid going in the middle of a group of bats and try to take them out one by one in isolation. The Molten Bat will also explode like a Grotesque.
You need to look around in this area for a door which can be opened, it leads you to Leoric's Passage. If you look around carefull and go thru all the blocked paths and bolted doors, you will find the Scribe's Lanterns which can uncover parts of the Lachdanans Scrolls.
Kill the skeletons attacking Deckerd Cain
You will come to Deckerd Cain as soon as you enter Leoric's Passage. But he is right in the middle of a fight. You will see how the Royal Henchmen rise and you need to hurry down the stairs to kill the enemies here.
After the first wave, another wave of enemies come in along with the Headcleaver. The headcleaver is slightly larger than the normal henchmen. He yeilds 550 Exp upon death and when he is laughing, he is left open so make sure you get him.
Talk to Deckard Cain in Leoric's Passage
Talk to Cain and take his gratitude but look around for anything interesting before you get to Cain.
Follow Deckard Cain
Follow Cain who opens a secret exit to the Cathderal Gardens.
Talk to Leah in New Tristram
Follow him back to the waypoint and go back to New Tristram and go back to leah.


Location: New Tristram, Weeping Hollow, The Cemetery
Exp Reward: 325
Talk to the Blacksmith Haedric Eamon
The barricade which was blocking us off from the lower portion of the town has been removed now and thus giving us access to new shops where you can start trading.
When you speak to Deckard Cain, he mentions the arrival of the Skeleton King as a part of the prophecy which is to unfold afte the events of the fallen star. He believes that the Blacksmith - Haedric Eamon knows where the King shall rise. Also, he tells us that the King can be put to rest again only if we posses his Crown. Head out and go to the northern part of the town - you can find Haedric near the bottom of the slope near a signpost.
Kill the Ravenous Dead in the Cellar of the Damned
Now, there are more dead in Tristram than the ones we encountered. Some of them have been locked away in the Cellar of the Damned and so was Haedric's wife Mira as she was bitten and waiting to be transformed too. Haedric wants us to kill Mira to end her suffering and put her to rest, He can lead you into the cellar. Break open the door behind which you will encounter the dead. Start Killing them all.
Kill Mira Eamon
After you pick off the Ravenous dead, go after the newly transformed Mira Eamon. Mira Eamon turns into a Wretched Mother but is not as powerful and she cannot summon any dead - or maybe we killed all of them around here. You will gain 600 Exp for killing her and 900 for completing the objective.
Talk to Headric Eamon in the Cellar of the Damned
After Haedric's burden is mollified, ask him now of the King's Crow. He tells us that it was buried with his grandfather - The Chacellor in the cemetery beyond the Weeping Hollow.
Open the Northwest Gate
You can now open the Northwest gate since you already helped out Headric, and go out of town towards the location of the graveyard. As you come onto the Bridge - a group of Scavengers attack you. After you kill them, head into the Cemetery.
Find the Cemetery of the Forsaken in the Weeping Hollow
The cemetery of the Forsaken is to the Northeast of the Weeping Hollow but before you directly go there, it is strongly advised to explore the rest of the Hollow - you will face the same old enemies but they are on a higher level. You never know how much gold you can collect or what kinds of things you may come across. Also, killing all of them for Exp is a good excuse.
You will sometimes come across a few to a very large group of enemies while exploring the tombs. Ranged fighters will have a better chance here than Melle fighters who can quickly get surrounded if not careful. You can also find the corpse of Haedric's Appretice in the weeping hollow near some brokedown small grave room. You will come to the Cemetery as you follow the winding road leading to the northeast. You will find three crypts here and only one of them takes you to your destination but it is random. You will also find a Resplendent Chest in one of the crypts here near their exits.
The Crypt with the crown has two lower floors and the others do not so you know you are in the right one when you are going into a lower level.
You may have the chance to come across a blur jar which floats above a raised pedestal. If you interact with the urn, several souls are released into the room and you just need to survive the onslaught for 1 minute to gain additional XP and gold. You should again avoid being surrounded.
You may also meet Lady Dunhyld's spirit in one of the halls. You can now collect three sets of body parts which are shown on the ma and return them in the Sarchophagi of the Lord and Lady Dunhyld to get a cool 1370 Exp. You will also face a unique monster - the spirit of Lord Dunhyld who comes in to fight you. Skeletons keep ccoming around you at this point and he has the ability to slow you so be very careful while fighting him and make sure you kill him as soon as you can.
As you go down from the second to the third level you will come across the Manglemaw. It really is not intimidating in battle as much as in it's looks. Ranged fighters will have an easy time picking it off and Melee Fighters need to work a bit - you gain 650 Exp for killing it. Now, the entrance to the Chancellor's tomb must be free - go in and down to the last level.
Search for the Chancellor's Altar beaneath the Cemetery of the Forsaken
The tomb of the Chancellor is guarded by two Guardians. If you close in on them, the orb they release may hit you so it's better to keep away and come to hit them after they fire the orb (for melle's) ranged fighters obviously have a easier time. Also, lookout for the skeletons that rise up during the fight.
Kill Chancellor Eamon
As soon as you interact with the Altar here, Chancellor Eamon will rise to defeat you. Chancellor Eamon can melee slash you causing knockback and again - ranged fighters have the advantage of staying away from the hits. He can also teleport around the room and will use his Soul Siphon ability to slow your movement speed. But if you have been killing many monsters and not skipping them then you will have a easy time.
Take the Skeleton King's crown fron the Chancellor's Altar.
Take the Crown from it's resting place and look around for a chest.
Use the Town Portal to return to New Tristram
If you did not have a chance to explore the rest of the Crypts then you better do it while you are here and then use the portal to get back to New Tristram.
Talk to Haedrig Eamon
Headrig is in near the center of the Town, go talk to him about the proceedings.

NOTE: Crafting options are now made available to you from Headric, please read the guide on Artiisans and Crafting(link available in tablof of contents above) for more information.


Location: Old Ruins, Cathedral's Lower Levels
Exp Reward: 375
Use the New tristram waypoint to return to the Cathedral Garden
Talk to Deckard Cain again and receive the Knowledge about the whereabouts of the Skeleton King and on what to do with the crown. Then use the Waypoint to go back to the Cathedral Gardens.
Enter Leoric's Passage
Back in the Gardens, look around if you want to and go back into the Mausoleum where you first met Deckard Cain and fought with the Royal Guards.
Go to the Cathedral Level 2 through Ornate Door
Then go down the small set of stairs inside Leoric's Passage and you come to a large golden ornate door - you have to posses the crown to open the door here.
Descend through the Cathedral
The new areas of the Cathedral are much more intense in dread than the first level. You need to go down four more levels to reach the Skeleton King. There will be traps around all the level which you can use as a tactical advantage.
You are now in the second level of the Cathedral. This area is filled with enemies like Carrion Bats, Skeletons, Unburied and Tomb Guardians. You already faced the bats and Skeletons so it's no tougie. But the Unburied are larger creatures whose Slam attack will cause a lot of damage. Ranged fighter have an obvious advantage here. Tomb Guardians always jump at you from the Fresco's in the walls and also summon llesser Skeletons to aid them. You will see a purple glow in the wall which indicates the imminent arrival of a Guardian. It is advised that you look out for traps and use them against your enemies to your advantage.
Keep going thru the level and you will come to the stairs leading deeper into the Dungeon.
Give aid to the Warrior
As you come into this level you will see what seems to be a ritual among the Dark Cultists. There are about seven of them in a circle around a warrior. They also keep summoning Necromantic Minions as long as their circle is intact and the ritual is going on. Quickly kill three of them and the Warrior breaks himself loose to fight alongside you. Kill all of them and speak to the Warrior.
Find the Warrior's Stolen Items
The warrior promises to reward you if you help him. You will probably find his stolen items up the stairs leading away from the dias where the ritual was being conducted. You will also be able to see a Waypoint here which can take us back to New Tristram.
Find and Kill Jondar
More enemies appear as you near the chest containing the warrior's stuff. You will learn that he is a Templar and wants to kill someone called Jondar who guards the access to the Skeleton King.
Go to the other side of this area and fight the enemies here, you may find a chest nearby. Go down the stairs to Jondar.
Jondar has the ability to summon more skeletons on his side. He also keeps shooting poison all around the place. It is advised to kill Jondar as quickly as possible before getting to the Skeletons he summons. You will gain a reward of 700 Exp for killing him.
Join the Templar
The Templar is now available as your first follower and you can hire him if you want assistance in defeating the Skeleton King, if you do not want him now, you can meet him again in New Tristram near the waypoint in the center of town. For more information on all the followers, read the follower section of this guide on the first page. My advise is that you should let him tag along for the rest of the mission.
Search for the Royal Crypt
The fourth level is larger than the previous levels and as a result also has more enemies. The new kind of enemies you face here are the Skeletal Shieldbearers and Archers. You will also face Harvesters which like the Grotesque explode when killed releasing Imps instead of Corpse Worms. Make sure you look around all the places here and kill everything in your path, you will also gain a good amount of loot. Make sure you keep and eye out for the entrance to the Royal Crypts as you move about. When fighting a group of enemies, make sure you manage the health globes that fall properly - they stay around for a minute before dissappearing so do not pick one up if you don't need it.
Find the Crypt of the Skeleton King
As you descend into the Royal Crypt, be preapared for a very very big fight. You will see a small drama concerning Leoric, move closer to him and he activates the four pillars in the center of this place. While each pillar is active, they keep summoning an endless barrage of Skeletons and Archers, you should destroy the Pillars as soon as possible and by each destroyed Pillar, the number of Skeletons diminishes, but you should take out the skeletons near you to avoid too much damage. Area of Effect skills work wonders here and also, if you have the templar with you, he will help a lot too. Make sure you are taking those health obrs that keep falling. After you destroy all four pillars, the enemies stop coming.
The entrance to the Crypt of the Skeleton King in nearby, to the left of the waypoint. You should replenish your supplies before going to fight the King so go back thru this waypoint to New Tristram if want to.
Enter the Crypt of the Skeleton King
You will face a few hurdles before you can go to the throne but none of them are too difficult.
Kill the Returned
The Returned are easy to kill - they were supposed to be easy because you are supposed to replenish your resource before you fight with the King. After you are done here, run ahead to meet the Skeleton King.
Place Leoric's Crown on the Skeleton King
As soon as you plce the Crown you took from the Chancellor, the Skeleton king rises.
Kill the Skeleton King
The Skeleton King is your first real challenge in the game. The Skeleton Kings has two primary attacks - a Cleave attack and a WHirlwind Attack. He also summons a group of lower enemies to fight against you but never take your eyes off the Skeleton King. When he is in Whirlwind Mode, you can also lead him into his own soldiers and let them have it. The Skeleton King will also teleport away from the Hero and this makes it difficult to unleash a barrage of attacks. Monks especially will have a hard time against the Skeleton King. If the King gets too close, then make sure you counter-attack him and try to move back if he teleports close to you. The Skeleton King has a ton of HP and is immune to Poison so you will be here for a while.
Enter the Desolate Chamber
After you take him out you will be rewarded with 5k Exp. There's a secret passage behind the Skeleton King's Throne which can take you to the Desolate Chamber.
Talk to the Stranger in the Desolate Chamber
Go down all the way to the palce where the falling star supposedly struck - you can see that there is no star but just some stranger, talk to him.
Return to New Tristram
Follow him back out of the Crater and to New Tristram.
Talk to Deckard Cain
Go to Deckard Cain now to get some information out of all the confusion.


Location: The Fields
Exp Reward: 1125
Go to the Fields of Misery
Listen to what Cain and the Stranger are talking about and you will learn that a piece of the Stranger's sword dropped in a nearby place called The Fields of Misery. Use the waypoint to travel to the Cemetery of the Forsaken and bring down the gate in the northwest corner to gain access to the fields.
If you come across a cave with a yellow glow then they are part of optional quests which are listed below -
As you look around for Khazra's Den you may come along to a abandones farm with the body of a large dead animal. This is the Forlorn form and if you inspect the animal for loot, a group of Burrowing Leapers attack you. After you kill all of them, a farmer comes out of his cellar and thanks you. He asks you to go meet his wife in the Cellar - you will find a Resplendent Chest if you go down there.
If you are unlucky enough, the Fields of Misery may lead you to the Decaying Crypt. You'll come across several new enemies in the dungeon here. If you go down to the second level you can meet the ghost of Willa Rathe. She wants you to ssist her in ending her family's cursed existence. You need to kill three of her family members who have turned into three different kinds of Hellspawn. One is Father Rathe, the second is Mother Rathe and the last is Little Jebby Rathe. You will also need to fight a lot of living dead and so this place is ideal o rack up some nice Exp. You will also find another Resplendent Chest here. There are tons of enemies down in the lower level of this Dungeon and can easily outnumber you so be very careful while moving around.
You will also come across a Resplenden Chest in plain sight sitting before a Large Tree. As soon as you move close to it a Wood Wraith will attack you and will also summon additional Wood Wraiths to help him. This area is known as the Secluded Grove and you may find it very difficult to face all of them at once so you can just go back to the gate of the Fields of Misery so they funnel it towards you one by one.
There is a chance you might stumble onto another dungeon in the Fields of Misery. You will come across many Wuill Demons and Leapers and also a lot of chests. If you go down to the second level you can meet Tashun the Miner. If you speak to him, he tells you that he came here to find precious Gemstones. He wants us to escort him to the end of the cave to find two Ore Veins. If you go to the end, you can find bothe Veins but you will be attacked by some Rare Burrowing Leapers near the Vein of Metals. After killing all of them Tashun will shot you some armours and weapons he's carrying to sell. 
If you come across the Scavenger's Den then prepare yourself for the biggest battle you have had till now. If you choose to go inside (I don't see why not), you face hordes upon hordes of quill demons and other monsters and in the end you will find a Resplendent Chest.
If you go on the boundary of the Fields of Misery, you may come across a Pillage Home in which you will find several dead villagers. Also, some merchants are still living here and are willing to barter with you.
Search for the Khazra Den in the Fields of Misery
You can find the Entrance To Khazra's Den either in the center of the fields or to the north - it may change location anytime. As you move through this area though, you may encounter several Moon Clan members. They will attack you only if you step into their territory and can easily surround you. Look for chests whenever you see a group of Moon Clan members.
Find the Glowing Sword Shard in Khazra Den
The entrance to Khzra's Den is a cave with a blur glow. It is also the home for the Moon Clan and you might come across a Healing Well. You will not fight any Moon Clan members but you will surely coem across several Dark Cultists. Battle past them to the other end of the cave.
Kill the cultists surrounding the Glowing Sword Shard
Now we come to the fight of the mission. As soon as you get to the rear of the cave, you will see another ritual being performed by the Dark Cultists. They are trying to summon Magdha and a Unique Dark Cultist - Urik The Seer leads them. Urik has a shield of lightning around him which will damage you if you get too close, he also keeps firing Fireballs at us and summons Dark hellions. You should kill him as soon as possible but watchout for the other members too. Kill them and Urik and you will see that the astral projection of Magdha summons another wave of cultists. Kill them too.
Take the Glowing Sword Shard
After everything is dead, pick up the Glowing Shard Sword Piece.
Take the Glowing Sword Shard back to Cain
You will now need to fight your way back out thru the Dungeon Stone at the rear end of the cave. Once outside, use the town portal to get back to New Tristram and show the Shard to Deckard Cain.


Location: The Drowned Temple
Exp Reward: 4675
Go to the Drowned Temple
After you gain all the information from Leah and Magdha, use the waypoint to go back to the Fields of Misery and go on the path up to the northeast and you come to the Old Mill.
You may meet a Beleaguered Farmer as move move through the fields, who tells you that four Carrion Nests have taken roon in his fields. As you go near them, they throw an endless barrage of Carrions at you. Remember that Carrions are poisonous. Destroy all four nests and go back to the farmer for your reward.
Follow the Scoundrel
You can pick up a Stolen Sack in which you will find the Scoundrel's Journal Lore. You will meet the Scoundrel as you go up the path who tells you that he's been locked out of the mill by a band of thieves. Follow him up the hill ad thru the locked gate.
Talk to the Brigand
Speak to the Brigand here but it look like he is going to be senseless.
Kill the Brigands
The brigands are like stealty thieves. They attack you wil throwing daggers and stuff. After you take out the first wave, you will meet their leader - Nigel Cutthroat and another wave - use the health globes that dropped properly. Both Leah and the Scoundrel help you so you do not have to worry too much. After they are all taken care of, the Scoundrel takes what he came looking for to this place.
Speak with the Scoundrel
Speak with the Scoundrel after he collects the relic from the farmer's daughter.
Take the Scoundrel north to the Waypoint
You can now hire the Scoundrel anytime and he is always found in New Tristram. Go past the Old Mill to the northeast and make your way to the waypoint at the Drowned Temple. Enter the gate nearby and you will have come into the temple.
Talk to Alaric
You will meet Alaric - the guardian of this place. He wants you to prove yourself by bringing him two keys from the Warrior's Rest and the Crypt of the Anients. They are in the Festering Woods and he raises a bridge for use to cross over to the woods.
Go to the Festering Woods
Go across the Bridge and enter the Festering Woods.
On the South End of the Festering Woods you will come to a monument. Go inside on top of the stairs and a rare Ancient along with his minions attacks you. Stay on top of the stairs and Leah and the Scoundrel make easy pickings. However, after the battle, you will get piece of Lore.
Retreive the Beacon of Light from the Crypt of the Ancients
You will come across Enraged Phantoms and Ghouls in this area. Both of them keep moving about at attack you. You should also try to move away from them and kill the Ghouls first before going for the Phantom. There's a Waypoint inbetween the two tombs which you can use to go back to New Tristram if you wish to. Fight thru to the Crypt of Ancients - you will face Summoners here which summon some Returneds to fight you, you will need to kill the summoned creatures to get to the summoners. Claim the Beacon of Light and return to the surface and enter the next place.
Retrevie the Beacon of Honor from the Warrior's Rest
If you are unlucky enough, you may come across a Rare Dark Skeletal Archer - thsi guy is a bit difficult to take down but nothing impossible. Lure your enemies onto the land bridge to choke their numbers. As soon as you pick up the Beacon here too, go back to the Drowned Temple.
Place the Beacons on the Pedestals
Go back and place the Beacons on the two pedestals to gain entry to the Temple of Nephalem.
Enter the Drowned Temple
Enter the temple and cross the half broken bridge to the other side.
Explore the Temple
You can find an Ancient Chest on a platform to the left and more enemies moving about. You will also come to a Well of Health.
Kill Ezek the Prophet and the Skeletons
You will first meet Ezek the Prophet. He's got a big axe and a lot of health. You can stay close to the bridge and move back to narrow down the onslaught of the enemy. If you are a ranged player then you will have an easier time picking out Ezek since he may not be able to harm you. Look out for the Health Globes on the ground and use a potion if you need to. But as soon as you kill Ezek three more Skeleton Warriors rise to defend the path ahead.
The three brothers are - Karel, Larel and Moek and are a bigger headache than Ezek. Moek is the fast one and you can promptly lure him away and kill him first, Karel will cause knockback so try to stay a bit away from him, the real problem however is with Larel who is a Molten trait monster - he can burn down melee fighters (if you are of lvl 11 or higher then you may actually have an easier time).
Talk to Alaric in the Drowned Temple
After killing the three brothers, talk to Alaric and he gives you a reward.
Secure the Glowing Sword Shard
You can see Maghda in the end to the right side. She gives away the shard but also summons some of her lackeys - who quite frankley - pose minimal threat after taht fight with the brothers.
Return the Glowing Sword Shard to New Tristram
Go back to Deckard Cain and give him the second piece of the Glowing Sword Shard.


Location: Wortham
Exp Reward: 6285
Talk to the Ferryman
Take Leah and go to the slope where you first met Headric the Blacksmith in the north. Go left onto the dock and speak to the ferryman to take you to Wortham.
Travel to the center of Wortham
You will see that Wortham is already in complete destruction and is literally burning. You will need to fight the Dark Zealots and also Dark Evokers who are responsible for all the buildings on fire - so you know what to expect. They are no big deal if you are a ranged class. Follow the main road all the way to the Chapel.
Kill the Cultists outside the Chapel
As you move down the road, a villager comes running at you and wants us to save all the villagers who are inside the Chapel. Stand out of the courtyard to draw enemies towards you. Kill all of them and proceed inside to Maghda.
Kill Uzrel Mordreg
Magdha summons Uzrel - he's another molten enemy with the ability to cast fireballs and summon carrions. It is wise to continuosly apply pressure on him so that he does not get the chance to keep summoning. He is also a Melee fighter and ranged fighters fare better.
Kill the Dark Berserkers
Immediately after Uzrel, Dark Berserkers attack you. These are very bad foes to ranged users. Do not lose sight of them and always try to keep them ahead of you - move back if you need to and attack them when their clubs are stuck in the ground.
Talk to the Priest
After you kill all of the Berserkers, go talk to the priest outside the Chapel.
Enter the Wortham Chapel Cellar
The priest reveals a secret entrance to the chapel. Go inside..
Search for the Sword Hit
You will come to a dead body - it's of Virgil - the guy who was supposed to be having the hilt but it's not on him. Maghda then makes a surprise appearance and gives you an account of what she has been up to all this while.
Talk to Deckard Cain in Cain's House
Use the waypoint here to go back to New Tristram.
Enter Cain's House in New Tristram
Go to Cain's house - the one just beside the Slaughtered Calf Inn and speak to him.


Location: The Highlands
Exp Reward: 5500
Enter the Caves of Araneae above Wortham
Head back through the waypoint to Wortham Chapel and go thru the gate on the other side of the chapel to Wortham Bluffs. There's a chance to meet Rodger here who's an alchemist, then go down the hill on the left and you will come to the caves.
If you come across Rodger, he wants you to take a potion to a crazed hermit down the stairs near the entrance of the caves.
Search for the Chambers of Queen Araneae
Okay, you should know that you will be facing spiders from now and they are not easy to beat. You may be overwhelmed by their large numbers at times and heroes with poison resistance and Witch Doctors will have an easier time traversing thru the cave. The Arachnids slow your movement and if there are many coming at you, you will certainly face trouble. Make sure you are never surrounded and use area of effect attacks. Keep going thru the cavern, it has a few forks and dead ends, move cautiously.
Talk to the woman trapped in the web
You will soon come to the chamber of the Queen Araneae - approach the woman trapped in the web.
Kill Queen Araneae
As soon as you approach the woman a large - I mean a very very large spider drops down from the ceiling and guess who it is... the Queen herself. Like a real spider, the Queen likes to play with her prey, often trying to trap, poison and slow her food. If you are close to the queen then she either bites you or tries to stab you with her foot. If you move away from her, she spit's venom or web that will slow you down. If you are slowed then she may even charge at you. The Queen also has a special attack where she spits poison on the floor which deals continuous damage all the while you are standing in it. After you beat her to about half her health, she moves back and summons a fleet of spiders. They are easier to kill than the ones you previously encountered. Kill all of them and the Queen comes back, this happens once more at quarter health. The spiders which she summons have a chance of dropping health orbs - be on the look out for them.
Harvest the Pool of Venom in the Spider Queen's Lair
The pool of Venom is on the ground in the far corner of this chamber.
Free Karyna with the Venom
Use the venom to free Karyna from the web.
Go out into the Highlands Crossing
Now, lead her out of the chambers via the opening on the far end of the chamber here.
Talk to Karyna
Karyna has some useful information on the Coven so learn everything you can from her.
Find the Khzra Staff
Karyna tells you that she saw the Coven in Leoric's Manor which is far to the North. Karyna tells you that she stole a staff and if you bring it back from her cart and give it to the Dark Moon Clan, they will let you pass through the barricade before the Manor.
You can use the Waypoint to return to New Tristram. The bridge here leads to the Southern Highlands area. This area can be very dangerous to players who have not been levelling up their character to their full potential. Karyna's Wagon is to the west across the Southern Highlands and as soon as you pick up the staff, you will face Goatmen.
There is a chance that you may come across this two level dungeon. You will find some Moon Clan members and more spiders inside. On the first level, you should gather all the notes of Urik the Seer and then go down to the second level. There's another set of Urik's notes here in the middle of all the dead ends - you may also find some Resplendent Chests, use the dungeon stone in the end to exit.
You may also come across a watch tower as you go by the western edge of the Southern Highlands. The upper level has Dark Cultists and the lower level has all kinds of Returneds.
Some of the Goatmen have a camp in the Highlands. This camp is a very dangerous place and you will face a unique Moon Claner Rambolt the Lunatic and about twenty of his followers.
You may come across the ghost of a goatman called Gharbad. He wants you to retrieve a shard of ressurection from atop a funeral pyre so that he can return to life. As soon as you speak to Gharbad an army of Khazra ghosts appear. Defeat all of them and return to Gharbad. You may have guessed it - the coney attacks you immediately as he transforms. He also has a few Impalers with him. Things will be easy if you do ranged attacks.
Approach the Khzra Barricade
The Barricade lies to the north and you may come across several traps as you head there. You should explore all of the Highlands and do as many side missions listed above as possible. Each enemy you kill will give you a great deal of Exp. Before you come to the barricade make sure you are prepared for an assault. This fight here is also a bit difficult. You will come into the Northern Highlands after this and have a chance to kill a Rare Withermoth.
There's a waypoint in the northwest corner of this place and you will want to get there as soon as possible. You will also come across numerous weapons which can be used to gain materials from salvaging at the Blacksmith.
Go up the stairs where the enemies are on the north end of the levelled path and move past the feeble structure to get to Leoric's Hunting Grounds. The Hunting ground is a small area to the north of the Northern Highland just across the bridge to his manor. You will find some structures placed in a triangle - destroy these first as they seem to power up the number of summons around this area. Then move towards the manor.
Rarely and with great luck, you may come across Rike the Apothecary in the Highlands. He is near a cave and tells you that Dark Cultists kidnapped his brother to ask for a ransom of Rike's Elixirs. Help Rike by going with him inside the cave and kill all the Dark Clan members as he tries to heal his brother. After it is done you will be rewarded with a lot of Exp.
Find Leoric's Manor Courtyard
After getting to the Courtyard, cross it and you will come to the entrance.
Enter Leoric's Manor
The whole manor is crawling with Dark Cultists - they are trying to convert a member of their Clan - The Vessel into the Unholy Thrall. 
Explore Leoric's Manor
You ought to run towards the vessel and kill him before the transformation. Proceed thru the door and you will overlook Maghda talking to her Coven.
Kill the Cultists
The Dark Summoners here bring out many Hellions. You ought to move back thru the door you came thru and wait for the Hellions to come at you one by one and then take them out - they are not easy to kill and a follower would really help here. After you kill all the things here, go to where the ritual was being conducted and speak to the sacrficial man.


Location: Halls of Agony
Exp Rewarded: 7700
Enter the Halls of Agony Level 1
Go down the stairs outside Leoric's Manor towards the Halls of Agony below the outer balcony. 
Side Mission: The Cultist Grand Inquisitor
On the first level here you have a chance to encounter the Cultist Grand Inqusitor with his spawns.
You should use all the traps which you find to your advantage agains the Hellions and the Hulks. After a long time of fighting and dodging Giant Cleavers, you will come to the stairs which lead deeper into the Halls of Agony.
Enter the Halls of Agony level 2
The second level has the entrance to the Highlands Passage but you can also find a waypoint. Search for the Waypoint before going out. You will come across large groups of enemies and as many traps, which can help you thin down their numbers. You should always move near doorways which allow you to thin the enemy numbers you directly face.
Side Mission: Stranger in Need
You may come across a stranger who is trapped in an Iron Maiden. Kill the enemies around the maiden and release the stranger.
Continue past the exit to the Highlands Passage. The pit below has a Tormented Behemoth and several Inferno Zombies. 
Go to the Highlands passage
Ranged attackers will have an easire time taking out the Behemoth, after you kill them go up the stairs to the Highlands Passage.
Enter the Cursed Hold
The bridge here leads to atleast a couple of dozen enemies, move past the bridge and lure the enemies back onto it to narrow their numers.
Side Mission: A Reputation Restored
You can either meet Radek the Fence of Kyr the Weaponsmith. If you meet Kyr, he asks you to kill Dargon and his master - a Cultist who are on the far side of the elevated walkway. Speak to Kyr after you kill them to earn XP and he also opens his shop to you.
Talk to Queen Asylla
Fight your way across the Highlands Passage and follow the path to come to the Cursed Hold. Go in and speak to the ghost of Queen Asylla.
Free the six Prisoner's Remains
She needs you to free the spirits of six forgotten prisoners inside the Hold. You can pick up her Journal from the chest in her cell near the entrance. All the souls can be found inside the cells where their bodies are, you need to move into all the cells and inspect the prisoner's remains to free the souls. The locations of the cells with the souls are random around the dungeon.
You will see that some of the cells have enemies inside them - you can use certain ranged attacks to kill the enemies inside the cells without opening them.
Kill the Warden
You will come across a four way intersection in the center of Cursed Hold where you can see the Warden. You can access the stairs leading into the deeper levels only after you kill the Warden. Remember that there is a health well somewhere inside here. You can run away from the Warden to search for the well but his minions will come after you - kill them and find the location of the well. The Warden is a great Melee fighter and you should try to stay away from him as much as possible, melee fighters should make hits and move out of the way when the Warden begins his attacks.
The stairs leading to the lower level are behind a spiked grill gate which is to the south side of the southern passage of where the Warden was. You will have to keep fighting all along your way.
Side Mission: Death of a Queen
Break the door which is to the left of the stairs to see a small play by ghosts, if you stay till the credits roll you will be able to uncover a piece of Lore.
Search for the Chamber of Suffering
After coming into this level you will face a lot of Zealots and Dark Vessels who turn into Unholy Thralls. You will also see some Mushy Lecterns here, search all of them for journal entiries from Leoric's Journal. The lower level of the Dungeon is just ahead down the stairs. This is the Chamber of Suffering...
Kill the Butcher
The Butcher is the largest Demon you have faced and if you are wondering - a Butcher is a demon which was directly under Diablo's Command. So you know how kick a** it can be. Before you even think about fighting the Butcher, learn of your surroundings. The floor is divided into segments from which fire shoots up randomly. You should definitely avoid the fire. The Butcher can melee attack you with his massive hammer. But if you stay far away from him, it won't touch you, the second attack is followed by a sequence of hops  - so you will know when to move away. The Butcher also has a deadly chain and he can either latch onto you and pull you closer and stun you or just throw the chain like crazy and do piercing damage. There are two healing wells at the upper corner of this mini hell. You should constantly move to avoid the fire from below. Remember that the wells need a 30sec cooldown before they can be used again. The Butcher can also charge at heroes who are far away and will usually ram into the walls if you are quick enough to move out of his way. When he rams into the walls, he will remain stunned for several seconds and this is you que to get back at him. Keep repeating this and after considerable toil, you will be able to take him down.
Find the Stranger
Search the Butcher and move further inside, go down the circular stairs and you will come to the stranger.
Kill the Cultists Surrounding the Stranger
After the fight with the Butcher, this will seem like slapping an old man. Kill everyone - but you still ought to be careful of their summons. Kill the Cultists trapping the Stranger.
Talk to the Stranger
After he is reunited with his sword, the stranger becomes none other than.....find out for yourself.


Talk to Tyrael in New Tristram
After speaking to Tyrael, move thru his portal to get back to the town and speak to him again about going to Cladeum.
Talk to the Caravan Leader
When you are ready to move onto the next act of the game, talk to the Caravan Leader (greeny).


Your stash comes along with the Caravan and so will your followers and the Blacksmith. The Caravan will station itself in a hidden camp on a cliff overlooking Caldeum and it will remain there for the rest of the act.


Location: Caldeum, Howling Plateau
Exp: 4400
Go to the Caldeum Bazzar
Okay, many developments have happened since the last act, Cain is well, you know... You met an Archangel and Maghda is still running loose. You are on a cliff which is overlooking Caldeum. Look around the area and talk to Leah to get the quest started. Leah and Tyrael go to search for Belial while you go to get Maghda. Go down the stairs which are at the north end of the camp and you will come to the caldeum Bazzar.
Talk to Asheara
As you go past the entrance of the Bazzar, you should come across Asheara who is the commander of the Iron Wolves. If you talk to her she tells you what she knows about Maghda. She tells you that Maghda is going to Alcarnus and you can raech her by going through the Khasim Outpost beyond the Sundered Canyon.
Go thru the Sundered Canyon
You can spend some gold around the Bazzar if you are itchy or you can stock up on some health potions (the local Innkeep has them). After speaking to Asheara you can also meet Leah and Tyrael near the arch - they happen to have some good information.
The exit to the deseart is in the northeast part of this place beyond Lugo. The guards near the gate as you to find Captain Davyd if you do reach Khasim Outpost.
Kill the ambushing cultists
Go down the path and you will come to the Enchantress in a little while - she is as good as a follower can get and she has some bitter encounters with the ccoven of her own.
You will come across new enemies here, some Sand Wasps and also a few Lacuni. Try to evade the projectile attacks of the Wasps and move around them to make the kill. Just make your way to the end of the Canyon. You will also face the Coven members who appear before you.
Talk to the Enchantress in Sundered Canyon
After you kill the Cultists, speak to the Enchantress.
Kill the lacuni attacking the Iron Wolves
After the Enchantress stops the illusion of the canyon, move ahead and you will come to one of the captains of the Iron WOlves - Jarulf who is being attacked by the Lacuni. Quickly kill the Lacuni before they assassinate the leader of this pack of the wolves.
Talk to Iron Wolf Jarulf
Talk to Jarulf who as more information for us.
This is a very very deadly area and you should enter this place knowing that you will need a lot of health potions to make it through. This area has a lot of new monsters which are worms and bugs - the worst of their kind too.
If you come across a lost little girl near a bunch of small houses then beware. If you get near, Dark Cultists will attack you and the girl is just an Illusion. They are accompanied by some Hellions nad Berserker Champions. If you are having too much difficulty then just go back thru the door to allow them to come at you one by one.
Check out the mining lifts and boardwalks for a miner near a resplendent chest. Stay there and protect him from the waves of the Fallen till he can fix the lifts. After that, you get your Exp bonus and also the contents of the Resplendent Chest.
Disrupt the Hidden Conclave ritual
You will come into the Howling Plateau which is the home of the Lacuni and also a host to various other vicious monsters. As you go on the main road leading out of the Sundered Canyon, you will come to the Black Canyon Bridge but the bridge is being blocked by magic. We need to find whoever is casting the spells.
Look around the desert for the Cultists, the Enchantress will be of great help here. After she uncovers the foopprints, head northwest to the Hidden Conclave and enter the portal there. You will come to the Ritual. Kill the Vicious Mangler and all the cultists here to stop the spell.
Disrupt the Secret Altar Ritual
Move to the east in the Howling Plateau and you find another set of hidden foot prints. Follow these tracks and you will come to the Secret Altar. You will face even more enemies here including Frenzied Hellions, Vicious Manglers among many other. Ranged attackers have an easier time here and can also retreat out of this building if they need to heal, melee fighter however will need to be more careful - use the health orb drops carefully.
You have a chance of finding the body of a cultist in the in the hidden conclave. Inspect the corpse to find a lore.
Go to the Black Canyon Bridge
After the two spells have been stoppend, the magic blocking the Canyon Bridge is now open. Head there and cross the Bridge. The Black canyon Bridge is located towards the north side of the Plateau.
Talk to the Enchantress
Speak to the Enchantress once you reach the bridge and consider using the Town Portal to go back and re-stock if you need to before continuing.


Location: Black Canyon Mines, Khasim Outpost
Exp Reward: 4600
Cross the Black Canyon Bridge
If you are in the city then go back thru the waypoint to the Black Canyon Bridge, cross the bridge and you come to the mines area. 
Find Khasim Outpost
Move along the road and you will see that the entrance ahead has been blocked. Look around for items and treasure. You will come across and lot of Fallen. The overseers are especially notorious - attack from a distance if possible. You will find a lot of treasure in the cellars in this area. Go to the Stinging Winds area from the narrow path to the west.
There is a possiblity to encounter some rare monsters in this area. So if are looking for a rare item in the normal difficulty or legendary item in the higher difficulty then you ought to stay in this area for a long time. If you want to move out of this area then locate the winding boardwalk leading up a hill to the northwest and you will come to the Khasim Outpost and a waypoint.
Talk to Lieutenant Vachem
You may find a Deserted Cellar while looking around and in it is possibly a unique called Hurax which is an unholy thrall. If you manage to move inside after killing the things you will find a lot of loot to collect. There are several deserted cellars and you will find only one of the uniques listed in one playthrough.
If you come across another "Deserted Cellar", go in and you will come to a unique. Graveljaw the Devourer is a rockworm in a hole. After you kill it, enter the crater and you will come into the tunnels to find some loot.
If you come into the Blood Cellar then you will face a lot of Fallen Hounds. If you manage to kill all of them then a survivor will come out and give you a small reward.
It is highly recommended that you get in here another time after you gain a few levels from other side quests. The runis can be an extremely dangerous place where you will face extrodinarily difficult enemies. You should have a follower with you before you enter this place. If you do make it thru then there can be a great deal of wonderful loot to take. If you face Serpent Magus in the ruins then you will see the power of a true enemy. it can make a boundary around the hero with lightning which may instantly kill if you touch it.
If you enter the Chamber of the Lost Idol you can talk to Pltahr. He needs you to go with him to search for the Rygnar Idol. You may face some Guardians in there and a lot of dead people to loot from. The Ryngar idol in the middle of the area will have four guardians around the idol. They are usually Frost Guardians and are very tough - especially if you are surrounded by it. If you manage to kill off all the guardians then make sure you explore all of the place before going back out.
If you can enter the Crumbling Vault then you will face all kinds of enemies. But amidst all the enemies, you will find a portal which leads into the Treasure Room where you will find more loot and a Resplendent Chest and a portal taking you back out. You will need to hurry inside the Vault to go to the Treasure Vault in time.
Sometimes when you are travelling to the west of Stinging WInds, you will come to a Lost Caravan. You will find Beyall the Reviver, a Lightning Trait Unique. He also summons a ton of Fallen to assist him.
If you do not find the Lost Caravan then you have a chance to get come across Mehtan. Assist Mehtan and use the totems nearby to summon Deathly Haunts. After you kill all of them some Cultists appear, kill them too for the reward. Search around here for another piece of Lore.
Enter the Command Post
You will find some Guard's Orders Document in a chest around the corner past the guards when you enter this place. After that, speak to Lt. Vachem. He mentions that Captain Davyd has the gate key and is in the command post. Go into the basement nearby to find Maghda.
Kill the demons in the Command Post
As soon as you enter this place, Maghda will escape and the guards here turn into Writhing Deceivers. Kill them.
Open the Locked Cage
Open the cages to free Captain Dayvd and members of the Iron Wolves.
Kill the disguised demons in the Khasim Outpost
Obviously the guards outside must also be under disguidse so move out and kill everyone. 
Talk to Captain Davyd in Khasim Outpost
You will face more Derpent Magus and Writhing Deceivers here. Magus conjure a lightning ring which are extremely lethal but you will have a lot of help from the Wolves.
After you kill the monsters, Davyd opens the gates, head out immediately to Alcarnus.


Location: Stinging Winds, Alcarnus
Exp Reward: 6600
Travel through Khasim Outpost's east gate
Move through the east gate and you will come to the second part of Stinging Winds and like the previous area, this place too has a few things you can do.
If you did not come across this quest in the previous area of the Stinging Winds then you have a chance to meet Mehtan the Necromancer. Assist Mehtan and use the totems nearby to summon Deathly Haunts. After you kill all of them some Cultists appear, kill them too for the reward. Search around here for another piece of Lore.
If you do not come across the necromancer above then in the center of the Stinging Winds you will come to the entrance of a small mining cave. Enter this cave to meet the Dervish Lord (unique). This may be the first time you will see the Extra Health trait (the monster has 150% health). After you kill everything in the cave, raise the lift in the center to come to a secret chest.
Find Alcarnus
Make your way south in a zigzag way thru the Stinging Winds. The road which takes you to Alcarnus is in the South East portion and you will likely come across many more enemies before you reach there.
When you come to the Road to Alcarnus you will see a waypoint. Take it back and refill your potions or any other stuff you may want with you for a long and hard fight (there are going to be many of those). The exit is to the east of the road so move west first and look around. When you get to the East side then you have to deal with the Shatterbone. Use the enemies around it as supple for health globes.
The Shatterbone is a Unique Dark Berserker. It has Frenzy and Extra Health. Like the other berserkers, if it misses the overhead attack, you can keep hitting it for a few seconds while it's club is stuck in the ground. Try to stay behind the beast and attack it. Continue across the bridge and finally into Alcarnus.
Find the Lair of the Witch in Alcarnus
Alcarnus can be very dangerous if you are always stuck in one place. You need to keep moving all the time and lure enemies behind you one by one to kill them. If you travel north of the town you will come to some stairs where you see some Summoners and Vessels standing in circles.
There are many cellars you come across in the town and each has it's own set of enemies amd sometimes, you may also come across a prisoner in a cage.
The locations of the prisoners are on you mini map. Save atleast 8 of them to get a bonus on XP and gold.
Kill the Corrupted Vessels before they transform. You may be pushed back because of all the enemies so you can go back and come back to fight or lead the enemies to another area. The Witch's Lair is in the Northeast corner of Alcarnus.
You will find the second of lores (the first was on the dead courier in the desert) if you see a tortured coven minion.
Kill Maghda
You should use the town portal to go back and restock if you need to. Then go back to Maghda.
Maghda is obviously going to be powerful but her real power lies within her ability to keep summoning her thralls. She also summons berserkers and cultists to help her. She also keeps teleporting throughout the arena to stay away from you and bring forth a shield which protects here. You should kill the minions while the shield is active and pick up any health orbs. Her special attack is one where is conjures a cloud of moths - you need to stay away from this and she only does this if you get close to her. There's also an achievement you get for not taking any damage from that attack. SO basically, you ought to keep moving and stay away from her while trying to keep attacking her and collect the health globes from the thralls in a tactical manner. After the battle is done you will have some great loot.
Return to the Hidden Camp
Use your Town Portal to get back to Tyrael in the Camp who tells you that Belial kidnapped Leah while you were away and now we need to find Asheara again.


Location: Royal Palace
Exp Reward: 1875
Talk to Asheara at the Gates of Caldeum
Go back to the Bazzar and talk to Asheara who can be found near the bridge leading to the City Gates.
Talk to Asheara to enter the Imperial Palace
Asheara talks to the Captain here who allows you to pass, talk to Asheara after you cross the bridge.
Kill the Demons in the Imperial Palace
As you go to the Emperor, you'll see a very funny drama unfurl. Leah is brough into the palace and orders to execute all three of you are given. After the litte turd leaves the room the Writhing Deceivers (I am beginning to hate these things) remove the Illusion and now you get to kill all of them alongside Leah and Asheara (with so much power, one wonders how Leah could ave got caught in the first place).
Escape the Imperial Palace
Follow Leah back through the city to the sewers. You'll face dozens of Writhing Deceivers and Serpents along wth them. Go south along the walkway and escape the Palace.
Destroy the four Demon Summoners
You'll come to four Demon Summoners who are guarded by a lot of other enemies. The summoners will keep bringing forth Serpent Magus until you kill them. You need to be quick here or you will be overwhelmed by the magus. Move about as they begin to cast their rings of lightning. After the ones here are dead, continue along the walls of the city and go down the stairs to the sewers where more enemies are waiting for you. Go thru the circular grate to get into the sewers.

Location: Sewers
Exp Reward: 5200
Find the Wretched Pit
Leah tells you that her mother is being held in the sewers in a place called the Wretched Pit. The entrance is randomly created around the dungeon so you will need to look around. Just beware of the exploding dead which leave poison clouds behind.
The sewers have many corridors and most of them are dead ends. If you keep interacting with the pipes then some Diseased Bodies and Bloated Corpses will attack you. You will also face a wide variety of Sketetal warriors. You will find a ladder which leads into the Wretched Pit.
Kill the snakemen guarding Adria
As you come into the pit, you will see that Adria is being questioned by a large snakeman and there are several more around them. As you fight your way past the Deceivers, Adria cuts loose and joins you.
Goz'turr the Torturer is a unique Serpent Magus. He fights similar to the other snakemen but can teleport and spew something on the land which makes you lose health as long as you are on it. To kill the Torturer, use your most powerful attack each time you see him before he teleports so that you can make it a short fight, there are two people who help you anyway.
Talk to Adria in the Wretched Pit
After the Unique is killed, talk to Adria and follow her through the portal she makes.
Talk to Adria in the Hidden Camp
After you are back in the camp, talk to Adria again.


Location: Dahlgur Oasis
Exp Bonus: 7425
Find the oasis gate in the Flooded Causeway.
Enter the bazzar and move around to the left to find a sewer entrance going into the Causeway. You ought to seek out Karla who is near the Oasis gate selling equipment. You will also have the chance to find Cain's Lost Satchel which has a piece of Lore.
Talk to Emperor Hakan II in the Flooded Causeway.
THe Emperor is here in the sewers and came here to meet you. He agrees to help you and opens the gate.
Find Dahlgur Oasis.
Go down the ladder and you will come to the ruined cistern. The Ruined cistern is another special place (like the Winds area in the desert). It can have a lot of loot and a couple of shirnes. Make sure you look everywhere to earn as much Exp as possible and you will also find a Resplendent Chest if you look carefully. You ought to search for a ladder leading up to the Path to the oasis.
Enter the Forgotten Ruins in the Dahlgur Oasis.
The path to the Oasis is a very small area having a waypoint. You may find another of Cain's Lore here. The main oasis area has tons of things you can do.
If you find this place then be prepared for one of those death trap dungeons filled with vicous enemies - which is exactly what this is. You will come across many many vicous enemies - most notable the Webspitter Spider whose spit can slow you down and allow the enemies to ravage you. This is a two level dungeon which serves the purpose of levilling you up. So stock up on all those potions and have a follower if you must before entering this place.
You may come across four people who are being held captive and are tied to poles. Free them and kill all the fallen - destroy as many fallen as possible before you free the next prisoner and Mikal gives you a weapon as a reward.
If you keep interacting with the bone piles in this area (there's on pile which looks different) a large army of Skeleton types attack you along with a unique - Fezuul. Just kill them off and loot them.
If you meet Zaven the Alchemist, then kill all the Deathly Haunts which are here. Talk to him and he opens up the cave which he wanted to go into. The cave is another death trap but can have great rewards.
The cellars around the oasis will have enemies in them terrorizing innocents, you may find villagers or merchants in them, save them.
You may come acorss a spring in the center of the oasis. Move to the two wheel closeby and a door opens nearby. Go inside and you will come to a resplendent chest, take whats in it and the ghost of Khan along with minions willl attack you. Kill them and loot them.
You may come across this two level dungeon with more webspitters. You will also find a resplendent chest deep inside and also several rare mosters.
Find Zoltun Kulle's Head.
The Oasis is crawling with all kinds of enemies and traps. You can use the many traps which lie around to your advantage. Some of the new enemies you meet here are the Gore harriers which fly above you and wait to attack - you can watch their shadows to see where they are above you and also you will come across Dune Dervishes which are really bad for your health. These enemies spin with blades attached to them and if you get close to the spin, you will be slowed and obviously damaged, melle fighters should wait for them to stop spinning before attacking and ranged fighters should keep their distance and take out the enemies.
Also in the center of the oasis, you will have a chance to come across a structure on which you can find a resplendent chest being guarded by a unique who goes by the name of Mundunogo. He is a fallen shaman to be accurate but can teleport and shoot fireballs in addition to resurrect any dead enemies near him. You will have to concentrate all your power only on Mundunogo and try to brush aside the fallen. He teleports marginally faster than any other teleporter you may have seen and so ranged fighters find it easy but melee fighters will have a tough time against mundunogo.
The entrance to the Forgotten ruins is not too far and you ought to be ready for whatever's inside after all that exp boosting.
The most notable enemy in the ruins area is the Guardian Tower. They along with many other enemies can be a real pain so make sure you make quick work of them and whatever you do, do not get surrounded or you will go down very very quickly.
You will find the head of Zoltun Kulle near the Dungeon Stone in the end of the area.
Pick up Zoltun Kulle's Head.
Once you pick up the head, fight the Ancient Guardian. The guardian is another of those large brutes. Try to stay clear of his swings and run around a lot. Use the Dungeon Stone or the Town Portal to go back to the Hidden Camp.


Location: Ancient Waterway, Desolate Sands
Exp Reward: 7700
Enter the Ancient Waterway in Dahlgur Oasis
After speaking to Ardia and Kulle, you will be off to resurrect Kulle and need to find his blood which is with Horadric constructs. This is one of the longest quests (might be the logest actually). So expect the unexpected and go stock up at the Bazaar. Leah comes along with us on the journey and check to see if you can take a companion along as well - you're going to need assistance. Use the waypoint at the Hidden Camp and go back to the Oasis. The path leading to the Aqueducts is a bridge which is in the northeast corner.
Pull the Western Flow Control Level
You will come across a lot of Bone Warriors as well as Skeletal Sentries in the Western Channel. There are a few traps here which you can use. Go to the Western Flow Control Room and pull the lever connected to the gears. Turn the lever to partially open the hidden entrance to the aqueducts and it also opens a set of stairs leading into the Eastern Channel.
Pull the Eastern Flow Control Level
Bloated Corpses and Desert Hornets await you in the Eastern Flow Control Chamber. Move to the control room here and pull the lever (this opens the door which was only partially open earlier). Head back to the Ancient Waterway's entrance and you will meet the Emperor.
Open the entrance to the Waterlogged Passage
The entrance is fully open to the Aqueducts and you can go get Kulle's Blood now.
Enter the Waterlogged Passage from the Ancient Waterway
Descend the steps to the Waterlogged Passage and go up the path till you come to a pile of bodies and a strange barrel.
Kill the Betrayed
Some Betrayed show up and they release poisonous clouds when killed so be careful.
Break the Talking Barrel
Break open the barrel to free the guy inside.
Talk to Covetous Shen
Shen is a Jeweler and is in search for the jeweler's Crucible. Continue along the cascading water and go down the steps and into the Hidden Aqueducts. You will face some of the most common enemies again - the Serpent Magus and Writhing Deceivers, you ought to know everything about those things by now so just go along the main path through the Hidden Aqueducts and to the Jeweler's Crucible.
Find the Crucible in the Hidden Aqueducts
You find the Crucible but you also encounter a thief - Gavin.
Kill Gavin the Thief
Gavin is a plaguebearer and there are several Magus around him. He is fairly easy to kill but be wary of the Magus and their lightning rings. Gavin bursts into a poison cloud when he dies so be careful.
Pick up the Crucible
Take the Crucible after the Thief dies.
Go to the Ancient Path
The Ancient Path is just behind the Altar where the Crucible was kept. Your friends here will go back to town now. Proceed past the waypoint to the Desolate Sands.
Get the Blood of Zoltun Kulle from the Cave of the Betrayer
The Desolate Sands is a barren area with scatterings of enemies. If you do not have a follower then go back and get one right away.
You may come across a unique Rockworm. Kill it and enter the burrow it came out from. This is a deathtrap area filled with all kinds of creatures. You will have a possiblility to get to a resplendent chest and also gain a lot of gold if you manage to go thru the area. You will also have the chance to meet the Reaper - a Unique.
There's another two level cave you can come across and the contents of this cave as as bad as it's name. Worms, spiders, stinges, Spewers and what not inhabit this cave.
The cave of the Betrayer is another 2 level area with the same spiders, worms and stingers you may have encountered all this while. You will also come across Slime Spewers if you haven't already - they are on the walls and will spit poisonous projectiles at you if you get too close. The entrance to the lower level of the cave can be anywhere so you need to look very carefully. The upper level usually has a few chests and shrines in the end near a circular path.
The Lower section has just as many enemies as you may have faced in the upper section and you will find Kulle's Blood at the end near a Dungeon Door. But as soon as you take it, four Chilling COnstructs attack you at once. They have the capabilities to slow you down but are not that tough.
Get the Blood of Zoltun Kulle from the Vault of the Assassin
The vault of the Assassin is a large area with Guardian Towers and Blazing Guardians. After you take the Vial of Blood, Misgen will attack you, kill all the things here for XP and return back to the Desolate Sands by a Dungeon Stone.


Location: Soulstone Chamber
Exp Reward: 10,150
Search for the Archives of Zoltun Kulle in the Desolate Sands
Go northwest from the Desolate Sands waypoint to the Bridge. Kulle will show up again and activate the portal to his archives.
Go to the Terminus
There's a waypoint across the bridge where Leah and the Emperor are waiting for you. The Emperor now knows where Belial is and Leah know how to bring back Kulle. Walk past the waypoint and go down the stairs to the Terminus.
Open the Shadow Lock in the Unknown Depths
There are three bridges beihnd Kulle. Go on the left one which leads into the Unknown Depths. The Unknown Depths is a fairly straight forward area but you will come across more Fallen, Toxic Constructs and what not. You should soon see yourself on a long bridge which leads to a couple of staircases (or four even). You will face some more Fallen on the bridge, take them out as fast as you can - run in the opposite direction and see which enemies get closer - those are the fast ones - kill them first and then go after the stronger but slower enemmies. If you come across a chest in the middle of an intersection then opening it may summon many monsters.
There are a number of Arcane Constructs and Guardian Towers. The things you are searching for in between all this hoopla is a Shadow Lock which looks like a large spiked sphere. It should be at the end of one of the long bridges. You'll see Kulle's Spirit near the bridge. Interact with it to pour Kulle's Blood on it and it gets actiavted. Once you activate it, look for a portal nearby.
Open the Shadow Locks in the Storm Halls
Go back to the Terminus are with the three bridges and go on the right one which leads to the Storm Halls. You should come across the cascading sands similar to the ones in Unkown Depths where the enemies will not come past. Kill the nearby enemies first - there are a lot of Skeleton monsters here of many kinds. There are also similar lengthy bridges like the ones in the Unkown Depths. Past the bridges, you will see similar intersections of stairs. Navigate the place till you come to another Shadow Lock and then activate it. Beware of the chests you come across since opening them would likely summon some Toxic Constructs. Find the exit and go back to the Terminus.
Enter the Realm of Shadow through the Terminus
The center brige is now open and you can go on it into the Realm of Shadow.
Find Zoltun Kulle's Body
Traversing the Realm of Shadows will take you longer than the previous two areas with the Shadow Locks - not because it is larger (it's smaller actually) but there are more enemies here and tougher ones too. The most notable enemies here rae the Sahde Stalkers which appear in a group. You ought to use any are of effect powers to get rid of them but they sometimes dissappear into the sand and come back up again. When you reach Kulle's Body, you will see that it is guarded by multiple Sentinels and two of them are Unique ones too. If you fell that fighting them is unnecessary then you may grab the body can make a run for the exit. You ought to use any ranged attacks you have against the sentinels. Try to take on them one at a time - possibly flanking them in difficult angles. It is not going to be easy but if you do manage to kill them - they drop great loot. The exit is actually a portal which is behind the area where you found Kulle's body.
Talk to Leah in the Terminus
Talk to Leah back in the terminus and she brings back Kulle to life - and you know this was going to happen..... just follow him into the Soulstone Chamber.
Enter the Soulstone Chamber through the Terminus
So we finally are in the Soulstone chamber but hey, let's kill Kulle.
Talk to Zoltun Kulle
Kulle is totally BS, he wants to have the soulstone for himself and he will most probably bring back all the Prime and Lesser Evils back if he takes the stone.
Kill Zoltun Kulle
Judging by how his body was seperated within the Shadow Realm, you know that Kulle is not going to be easy - he was ripped into so many parts because he was feared.
You'll have to take out the Eternal Guardians first before getting to Kulle. If you are a ranged fighter then you will have it a bit easier since the Guardians are extremely slow. Melee Fighters will need to move a lot to make sure you are not going to be crushed by their attacks.
Kulle will keep bringing down meteors to hit you while you are fighting with the Guardians. If you can, then you should try to throw him a punch after which he should become invisible and he will cease to attack you for a little while and you can concetrate on the guardians without having to worry about the boulders. Kulle has the capability to use twisters but you can move away from them easily and also, he will occassionally collapse the ceiling on you - he gestures toward the ceiling before doing this. That is a good time to use some protective skills. Kulle has many many more attack but they should be very easy to dodge.
Get the Black Soutstone
Kill him and then cross the energy bridge that shows up to take the Black Soulstone from the center of the chamber.
Talk to Adria in Hidden Camp
Exit this chamber and use the town portal to get back to the Hidden Camp where your friends are waiting to talk to you.


Find Asheara in Caldeum Bazaar
Asheara is near the same sewer entrance which you used the last time. Go down to the Bazaar and head to the sewers.
Talk to Asheara
Belial is responsible for all the bombs on the city. Avoid the toxic rings that mark Belial's bombardment and sprint thru the city to the sewers and speak to Asheara about her plan to save the refugees.
There are refugees out on the street too, some hiding in carts - click on the carts to make them follow you, you can find all the refugees as they are marked on your mini map.
Lead Caldeum refugees to the Flooded Causeway
You have only 180 secs to save all the refugees. They are shown in the map and on your screen by the glitter rising up. You'll find them behind carts and furniture, once you click on where they are, they will follow you to the sewers. You will still have to stop the Doom Vipers from getting the refugees. You can also, kill all the vipers in the path to the sewers before you save the refugees and then save them.


Location: Imperial Palace
Exp Reward: 8525
Enter the City of Caldeum with Leah and Adria
You can meet up with Leah and Adria at the entrance of the Flodded Causeway. Fight all the Doom Vipers which are guarding the walkway to the gates of Caldeum.
Go to the Imperial Palace
Leah shows some impressive powers around this time. You see Doom Vipers inside the city and you ought to kill them very soon. Try to lure each one into a circle with you, Leah and Adrai on the outside. This way, you can be sure that the monsters take a lot of damage from the other helping you too. Climb the gates but be aware of the poison spewing up from the ground. Wait for them to stop and then go in, move to te circle ahead.
You should come across Kamyr by now, who is a Unique. He has a host of Fallen as his minions and he himself is much easier to kill but you ought to kill the fallen first before you get to Kamyr. There are more poison vents on the ground on your way to the palace so watch your step caarefully and kill off the remaining Doom Vipers and Serpent Magus. There's a healing well near the steps, use it before entering the gates which Leah just opened.
Kill Belial
As you move into the palace you will see who Belial really is (I really did not expect that but I was wondering where the little itch was).
The first phase of battle includes Belial's minions only, he will not do anything to hinder the progress of the battle while you are busy killing his minions. You will mainly face Veiled Sentinels and Veiled Evokers. You ought to use the whole palace to move around and avoid getting surrounded. After you kill a lot of enemies Belial steps into the battle. Even though he comes into the battle you ought to move as far from him as possible to avoid his melee and his green ball attacks, just move far and thin down the number of Veiled monsters and only then get to Belial. You ought to use the dropped Health orbs acrefully here. You will probably never be able to concentrate only on Belial so you will have to fight him alongside his minions. If you damage him enough then you get to meet his real form.
His real form is extremely large and changes the entire layout of the palace - you won't call it a palace anymore. Belial is just ahead of you and there are no more minions so all you have to do is hack at him with your most powerful skills - do not waste a single second in doing so. Belial will use his arms to strike at you but you will be able to see the impact points (green circles) before he hits you so saty clear of that area to avoid being killed. He can also use his lightning breat attack on the entire breadth of the platform and you better move to the other end and stay out of it's way. Belial can also bring down some more lightning on you. Again, this will be indicated by the cluster of the flies that come around. Belial has about five times the exp (24k) of the last boss you met so you know how long it's going to take to kill him.
Obtain the Soul of Belial in the Imperial Palace
Take all the spoils of battle and collect the Soul of Belial after the battle.
Talk to Tyrael in the Hidden Camp
Use the town portal to get out of this place and head back to the camp and talk to Tyrael. 
Talk to the Caravan Leader to leave Caldeum
Tyrael tells you of some new menace and you should talk to the caravan leader to move out of here and onto the next act.



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