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Five ways to make the PS Vita suck less

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1) Invest in some exclusives

It's popular belief that without Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise, the PSP would've never experienced any major success in Japan. Thankfully though, the addictive hunter/gatherer simulation helped sell countless PSP consoles, including a baffling number of limited-edition units in varying colors, often branded with pictures of the game's cat mascots:

Ok well, this one has dragons on it, but you get the picture.

How on earth Sony let Nintendo buy out the exclusivity rights to their only surefire portable seller, I'll never know, but that's the sort of thing that I hope got somebody fired.

Point is that Sony has always been terrible about keeping their exclusives around, usually choosing to invest in their own mediocre studios (Infamous wasn't all that great you guys...) rather than shelling out the big bucks to keep a company like Capcom or Square-Enix in their pocket. Sony got rich by making systems that were easy to develop for, and assuming that the money would follow as rookie studios helped fill the library. Unfortunately, the most recent generation of gamers have been taught to simply wait for sequels to the games they already like, and convincing people to take a chance on new franchises like Unit 13 is way harder than just showing them a portable Call of Duty with full multiplayer and getting the money shovel ready.


Hell, should've just thrown Activision a quarter million dollars and renamed it "Call of Duty: Unit 13" 

Consoles have always hinged their success on the ability to attract third party developers, though the new market paradigms seem to reward those willing to shell out some cash. Nintendo's Monster Hunter gambit has proven that they're ready for a moeny war, and Sony has best be willing to dig deep into their pockets for the rights to Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, or whatever else.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is one of the worst RPGs I've ever played. It probably sold a million PSPs.

So Sony, stop wasting money on crap like Little Deviants and get those third-party exclusives! Better yet, shell out the bucks for Capcom to start work on porting Mega Man Legends 3 to the PS Vita. 100,000 fanboys can't be wrong...


- Vito Gesualdi is GameZone's Senior Editor and a self-described "comedic mastermind." He invites angry Vita fanboys to troll his in-progress novel American Nobody, found at

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