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Five ways to make the PS Vita suck less

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4) Beef up the marketplace with affordable classic titles

Let's be honest, as much as we lazy editorial writers like to pit the 3DS against the Vita, truth is that the bigger problem is the mobile gaming marketplace. Portable gaming consoles once appealed to casual gamers, bored souls who just wanted to play Tetris while waiting for the bus. Unfortunately, now that most cell phones can play games almost on par with the original DS, trying to convince these casual kids to invest in another $300 piece of tech to cram in their pocket is one heck of a hard sell.

Can you believe we once paid $90 for a system that only played Tetris?

Luckily, both Nintendo and Sony have one major advantage in this area: mobile games suck. The majority of successful titles are barely competent flash clones. I mean, Jetpack Joyride was the mobile game of the year, and that game sucked back when it was still called Helicopter. So though there will always be village idiots content with playing Angry Birds for hours at a time, one step above them is the semi-casual crowd, willing to shell out some decent money for some real games. 

The easiest way to draw in these semi-casuals? Classic games. After all, the mobile marketplaces are absolutely littered with awful touch-screen versions of games like Sonic and Mortal Kombat. There's no reason similar titles couldn't appear on the Vita, and the fact that the PlayStation classics are still absent from the Vita store is mindboggling, especially since the awesome little portable is starved for games.

I swear, the other day I was at Target and some 400lb butterbaby was freaking out about the new Mortal Kombat GOTY. He would've bought a Vita for sure.

Let me put it this way: back before my jailbroken PSP got stolen, I probably convinced a dozen friends to purchase their own unit just by showing them that it could run Donkey Kong Country. Granted, that particular license might prove a bit difficult to acquire... but there's no reason you the Vita can't run Final Fantasy VII by now. 

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