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Five ways to make the PS Vita suck less

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5) Find your Super Mario 64

What's interesting about the PS Vita is that it's actually a much more Nintendo-esque device than Nintendo's own 3DS. Nintendo has always been interested in finding new ways to play games, the DS's touchscreen and Wii's motion controls giving developers freedom to try out creative new ideas. That's part of what makes the 3DS so disappointing for me, as the 3D feature is really just a visual gimmick, and can't really be implemented in any innovative way. Aside from the included AR cards, the 3DS really isn't doing anything I haven't seen before (and the screen resolution sucks).

Second analog stick sold seperately. *Facepalm*

Meanwhile, the PS Vita is a veritable playground of potential. In addition to being the first handheld smart enough to include a second analog stick, the device comes packed with plenty of weird features which could definitely make for a fantastic game. The giant touch-screen is obviously the most exciting piece of tech, but the console's front and rear cameras, built-in microphone, Sixaxis motion sensors, and weird ass rear touchpad all seem like some really cool toys for developers to play with.

Thing is, nobody really seems to know exactly what to do with all these little gadgets. Little Deviants was supposed to be the title which spotlighted all the crazy tech in exciting new ways, but instead we got a giant collection of rather mundane tech demos. No surprise Sony shuttered the studio not long after that clunker was finished...

What the hell is this crap...?

What Sony needs now is a game like Super Mario 64, which in addition to being an awesome adventure, shows off everything the console can do. Uncharted: Golden Abyss made an attempt to be this game, but Nathan Drake isn't on par with Mario in terms of likability, and a solid all-ages romp is where someone can really get inventive with the console's various features. Hell, maybe it's time for Sony to finally knuckle down and ecide on a decent mascot. Either that or let Sackboy star in something truly epic.

Super Sack Adventure is probably too suggestive a title...

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