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6 steps Marvel needs to take now that 'The Avengers' is a smash hit

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Bring on the obscure characters (AKA keep the universe growing)

I want Ant Man.  And the Wasp.  And Dr. Strange.  And, I dunno, the Vision, or Scarlet Witch, or Wonder Man.  Marvel has a vast and rich universe to draw from, so please, please, please continue to do so.  While I can forgive not setting up future heroes in The Avengers, it is a trademark of the team that the line-up is always shifting.  That means we’ve got to meet some new folks in the upcoming films, just like we did with Black Widow and Hawkeye in Iron Man 2 and Thor (but preferably better this time).  

This could mean releasing a solo Dr. Strange movie or Antman movie (which Edgar Wright is supposedly working on, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to be good), or it could simply mean setting them up in the next Captain America film.  My point is that the universe needs to continue growing, rather than simply staying the same size.  I know that it can be hard to squeeze a bunch of heroes into one movie, but I promise you, us comic book fans are easier to please than you think.  

Ultimately, I hope to get to the point where The Avengers are not the only team movies spun out of the Marvel Universe, but we can also get a (considerably lower budget, I imagine) movie about the C-listers teaming up to deal with a threat that the Avengers can’t face, because they’re off in space fighting Thanos.

Oh hey.  That Thanos guy again.  I hope we see him soon.

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