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6 steps Marvel needs to take now that 'The Avengers' is a smash hit

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Honor the connections made in the Avengers

Something that will be important to remember coming out of The Avengers, as the new wave of solo films slowly forms, is that these people know each other now.  The most enjoyable relationship to watch in Avengers was most definitely Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, who are not only the two smartest guys in the room at any given party, but also the ones most capable of kicking your ass.  Stark invites Banner to check out his cool toys at Stark Tower, and the two of them even ride off together at the end of the movie.

So what does this mean?  Well, it had better mean that Banner is in Iron Man 3, or I’m going to Hulk out and SMASH Marvel headquarters.  I don’t even need a lot — just, like, two scenes with Banner, and one where he gets to Hulk out and help Iron Man.  This is now an established relationship in the universe in which these films are set.  This means that we need to see it continue playing out, and not just in Avengers 2.

Also, they need to address the idea that there are other heroes floating around in each film.  For instance, say that Cap is having to save the world in the next Captain America movie, and he’s facing insurmountable odds (which seems likely); he should give Black Widow, or Hawkeye, or Thor a call for help.  They don’t necessarily need to answer, but it’ll be a plot hole if he doesn’t at least pick up the phone and ask.  

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