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5 game franchises that deserve the MMO treatment

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1) Grand Theft Auto 

C'mon now, you must've known this was coming. Rockstar Games basically invented the "sandbox" style of video games with their classic series of crime thrillers, but the one aspect that's always been missing is a Liberty City teeming with actual players.

The formula seems so simple to me. Players start off running petty missions for local thugs, before eventually earning a spot in one of the game's many crime syndicates, all entirely run by fellow players.  Maybe you'll be able to prove yourself as the best wheelman in town, a skilled assassin, or even a business genius who knows the right way to unload some illicit cargo. The only barrier to success is your own criminal cunning. Make the right friends and you could earn yourself a major role in the operations, or even become head of the family. Screw up enough missions, or make the wrong enemies, and you may find a player has put a hit out on your head.

Honestly though, the best aspect of GTA Online is going to be seeing exactly how society functions when everybody is a potential car-jacker. I can just picture thousands of vehicles being driven by sociopathic career criminals, unable to turn a corner without seeing cars leaping from buildings or slamming into pedestrians, with massive city-wide gunfights leaving the streets painted in cartoonish amounts of blood...

Sounds like my kind of city.

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