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5 game franchises that deserve the MMO treatment

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5) Borderlands

Me and my old roommate once shared an apartment in South Central Los Angeles, more commonly known as "the Ghetto." Given our financial situation, we couldn't afford many luxuries, so though we were both huge fans of Borderlands, trying to play co-op on our cramped standard definition television was not the multiplayer experience of a lifetime.

Now obviously Borderlands is made more enjoyable when one can buddy up with friends online, though even with Borderlands 2 on the way, the number of co-op players is capped at 4. As much fun as this is, populating the world of Pandora with other teams of battle-hardened warriors would be awesome, especially given the game's already thrilling arena combat. The game already has most of the elements of an MMO to begin with: helpful NPCs doling out various quests, monstrous bosses waiting for the right raiding party to take them down. It seems that the only barrier is the technology, and we're hoping that Gearbox figures out how to deliver the full massive multiplayer experience in time for Borderlands 3.

After all, the best part of Borderlands is showing off your ridiculous arsenal of guns. When I'm picking off Skaags from a mile away with my x4 Radiation-inducing Hyperion sniper rifle (with regenerating bullets and hyper-accurate zoom), I want more people than my crappy roommate to know about it.

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