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The Five Worst Gaming Consoles of All Time

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Philips CD-I


Though plenty of other game systems have been as poorly designed as the Philips CD-i, it's the console's involvement in one of the greatest stories of gaming history that earns it the top spot. See, Nintendo saw the wild success Sega was having with the Sega CD (har har...) and decided it might be nice to develop a CD add-on for their own Super Nintendo console. Originally they were working with Sony to develop this technology, though at the last minute they abandoned the Japanese electronics giant in favor of a deal with Philips.

"Screw you Sony guys. You'll never make this PlayStation thing work..."

Anyhow, it was just a few months into their partnership that Nintendo realized they'd made a horrible mistake, and the technology Philips was putting together was pretty gosh darn awful. Again they pulled out of the deal, though due to some contractual obligations, Philips still had the rights to develop games for their new console using Nintendo's own properties.

This is why even though the CD-i is really no more awful than any other terrible console out there (3DO, Jaguar, etc), it is definitely one of the most reviled, simply for having done its best to take a dump on the legacy of some much beloved Nintendo characters. Though Hotel Mario was bad, the trilogy of Zelda titles were a particular insult to the beloved franchise, with some cringingly bad CG cutscenes which will haunt the series for years to come.

To think, Nintendo could've co-owned the PlayStation brand with Sony, the two giants ruling together as the undisputed kings of gaming. Instead they let a bunch of jackasses rape some of their most famous brand names, sticking with overpriced cartridge-based media and letting Sony overrun them in the console race.

Oh what could've been...

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