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The Five Worst Gaming Consoles of All Time

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Sega CDX


Let's start with the console which first gave me the idea for this article, the Sega CDX (known in other markets as the Sega Multi-Mega). Now when the Sega CD first came out, gamers were in a frenzy, eagerly lining up outside their local electronics retailer in hopes of being among the first to purchase the thrilling new console...

Actually wait, that didn't happen at all. Truth is that most people didn't even really seem aware of this odd Genesis add-on. Unfortunately, Sega's marketing department put a lot of stock into the idea that people were ready to blow obscene amounts of money solely for the novelty of insanely pixilated video sequences. After all, your mundane Power Rangers sidescroller is mad a million times better when a five second clip from the show plays before boss fights, right? Meanwhile, full motion video games, or FMVs, were anticipated by many to be the new industry dynamic, turning those boring old games into playable movies.

Yeah, bet you couldn't wait for this crap to load...

Well, it turns out that nobody really gives a crap about controlling a bunch of B-movie actors as they bumble around abandoned porno sets (nobody except for the United States senate, who saw these undeniably terrible games as a threat to the future of America's children). FMV games weren't fun, and with nobody knowing what else to do with the CD format, the system ended up saddled with little more than some minorly-spruced up ports of games people already owned. Even when one of the best Sonic games of all time dropped as a Sega CD exclusive, most people just rolled their eyes and kept playing Sonic & Knuckles.

So, as a last ditch effort to get people interested in the Sega CD platform, Sega came up with this brilliant idea: a portable CD player that also played Sega CD and Genesis games. In theory this is a kind of awesome idea, letting you bump around town rocking out to your Blues Traveler CDs, with a pair of controllers and a copy of Mortal Kombat jammed into your backpack in anticipation of a fun afternoon at Steve's house. Problem is, it's hard not to look like a jackass with a giant fifteen pound CD player jammed into your waistband, especially when you're replacing the unit's three AAA batteries every hour or so.

I loved this song as a kid, but it wouldn't have justified a CDX purchase.

Point is, I found one of these things at a thift store for $5 yesterday.

I think I paid too much.

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