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Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

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Treasure Island


Storm Island


The Isle of Thieves

The Water Temple



After you come to Antigua go straight past the tavern and to the left you come to a large white house which is the house of the Admiral, also known as the Captain's House. On the first floor - which you can reach by the stairs to the left of the lower floor, you can find a map of Antigua on the table - just take it. Alternatively, on the lower floor in the room to the right you can find a treasure map which also reveals the entire island.


After you land on Antigua, go to the tavern which is just infront of the dock. The keeper here's Spencer, talk to him and he confesses havving trouble moving goods between islands. He wants you to get the shipment which Booze owes him. So just head back to Tacarigua and ask Booze about the shipment. He gives you Rum to take back to Antigua.

--The Missing Fisherman

If you go to the Fishermen's Hut in the south east side of Antigua, you meet one of the fishermen who tells you that he left his mate in a cave with a Hobgoblin and asks you for your help. The cave with the goblin is located here -
Go there and you fight the Hobgoblin at the entrance itself. Go further inside the cave straigth and you can meet the missing fisherman. tell him the goblin's dead and he goes back and mentions a treasure in this cave. The treasure is right from the central area, dig it up and go back to the Fishermen's Hut. If you speak to them again you can ask them to supply fish which are needed for a later quest.

--A Package for Mac

You can meet old man Mac at his place here -
Talk to him and he tells you stories about all the Pirate Captains. Before he can continue with his tales, he wants you to get a package from Rick. Rick is the keeper of the storehouse to the left of Antigua's Tavern. Take the package back the Mac finishes all his stories.

--The Treasure on Antigua's Western Beach

Go straight past the Antigua Tavern and you come to a large house on top of some stairs. Go in, this is the Captains house where you meet Slayne. In the lower floor go to the room to the right and you can get a treasure map. You can take this treasure map to Rick because we need him to supply Gunpowder for Slayne's Ship. You can still go get the treasure.

The Cunning Captain

After landing on Antigua, you can see the Tavern just ahead and if you go past the tavern a bit to the left, you will come to a large house on top of some stairs. Go in and you can see Slayne. Talk to him; he wants you to follow him to his ship were you can talk properly. Follow him then.
--Ship's Equipment
You can ask Slayne about his artifact and talk to him about Steelbeard and tell him that you got rid of Garcia. Slayne offer to help you find the dagger but it seems that the Admiral has banned all trade in Antigua and Slayne cannot get the supplies he needs so if we can get him his supplies, he will take us to where the Dagger is.
----The Cannon
First up is the cannon. Go behind the Tavern and you come to an old Gunsmith's House - Wilson. Talk to Wilson about the cannons and he refuses. However, we can get Wilson to give us Cannon. Head left from his house and you meet Henri, anotherr gunsmith. Talk to him and he has Wilson's beloved pistol. Ask Henri for the pistol and he challenges you telling that if you can shoot 8 out of 10 targets in a shooting match, he will give you the pistols.
Now, this can be a bit dufficult - but not impossible, I had at it for half an hour and only then I got it. The trick is to select your targets. You can actually miss a target twice before firing a shot - it means that you can let two objects fly past you before you take a shot each time but if you miss three times at once Henri stops throwing. So, you have two chances each time before you shoot - you just need to shoot at the third object. So, aim the gun in the mid right area of th screen and select you shots, shoot the ones which come around the center of the screen, let the other ones fly - remember that you can only let two fly away at once. If you manage everything then Henri gives you the gun which you can take to Wilson and he gives you the Cannons.
If you find that shooting is too difficult for you you can go to the front of the Admiral's house (in which you met Slayne) and talk to Grace. If you have enough persuation skill you can ask her to go give Wilson a good time or just pay her 1000 gold to do it. Talk to Wilson and he gives you the cannon this way too.
In the Tavern, you can talk to Morgan who is a Helmsman and is looking for a Job. Come back to him after you speak to Slayne and he agrees to join only if you can beat him in three contests, agree to him and follow him. The first is a duel - easy. The second is shooting - moderately difficult and the last is a drinking contest - very easy. After you beat him in all three games, he agrees to join Slayne.
----Powder Kegs
As soon as you come to Antigua, the first person who meets you is Rick who works at the store house to the left of the Tavern. Now, Rick here wants to find a treasure map and dig up a treasure so he can get out of this place. Thankfully, we can make his wish come true. Go to the Admiral's house which is the large one behind the tavern to the left and in the lower floor, there's a room to the right in which you can find a map. Go speak to Rick and give it to him and he gladly agrees to supply Powder Kegs.
----Water Barrels
Now, to get the water barrels you need to go to the pond just outside the port -
Walk to the Captain's house and go right into the forest and you come to the pond in question. Talk to the old guy here and he tell's you that there's no water for anyone until Butch is taken care of. Go talk to butch who is just ahead. Talk to him about everything and go back to the old man who tells you that you can take Butch to the cave nearby with the promise of treasure and beat him up there. Go back to Butch adn talk to him about the cave and the treasure. Follow him to the cave and then beat the living day lights out of him and go back to the old guy who agrees to start supplying water.
----Fresh Fish
Here's the location of the fishermen's hut -
Go in and speak to the guy here who tells you that he and his friend went into a cave looking for treasure and when they saw a Hobgoblin this guy left his friend and got out of the cave. The cave is here -
Go in and kill the goblin. Move further inside and you will find the other fisherman - Duncan. Talk to him and tell him that you killed the goblin and he goes back to the hut. Go to the hut and inform the other friend of the good news and he agrees to suppy you with fish.
After all that Slayne is ready to take you to the Isle of Thieves.

Steelbeard's Artifact

We need to locate the Water fall first, it's here -
To the left of that area you come to a chest and to the right of the chest is a path leading up to a gate -
You come to the metal gate at which you need to give Garcia's password. You also come across a grave spider. Kill it and you will see the X on the ground. Dig it up to get Steelbeard's Artifact.

Steelbeard's Treasure

Go to the Admira's house and to the left till you get to some graves. You can also reach there by going left all the way from the tavern and right into the sand. You can look for Nasir's grave and dig it up. Strangely, you will not find the first note, go back to your ship and talk to Harlok. He agrees to show you the location of the Island and you can now travel to Treasure Island.
Hope you remember Eldritch - the druid. You can meet Eldritch here -
Talk to him and he tells you about the gargoyles, their eggs and also the Air Temple. You can find and kill all the Gargoyles along the coast line here and around the area on both sides of the stream of water that runs along the cross-section of the Island. The nests where you find eggs (you can get two in one and three in the other) are located here -
The second treasure can be reached if you go behind Eldritch - it's just opposite to the entrance of a cave.
They are near the Gargoyles themselves so you cannot miss them. Talk to Eldritch after you kill and take th Gargoyle's Eggs and ask him to join your crew. He can now take you to the Storm Island where the Air Temple is located.

Legendary Items

-- The Peg Leg
You get info on The Peg leg if you read the book in the Fisherman's Hut.
--The Broken Rattle
The info on The Broken Rattle is in the house which is to the right of the Antigua Tavern.
--The Flask
Info on the Flask is in the house behind the Tavern in the first floor - I think this is Wilson's House.
--The Hangman's Noose
In the Captain's House where you meet Slayne, there's a book in the room to the right in the bottom floor. Read it to get the info.
--The Left Boot
The left boot can be found here -
It's just there on the ground so watch carefully for a single boot.


Treasure Island

We can finally go to the legendary Treasure Isle in search of the greates treasure ever to be possessed by a Pirate Captain. After you land on the Island, talk to Patty. You can and must only take Patty onto the Island so ask her to go with you and take the row boat to the Island.
From where you are standing on the Island, go straight into the think woods. Keep going and you will come to the Monkey Trap - three gorilla's are just ahead of you and two more are on top of the paths to the left and right. Kill all five Gorillas - we did not have Steelbeard's first page but if we did then it would have warned us of this trap. We can get Harlok later anyway so continue to the metal gate ahead and pick up the Journal on the ground. Use the lever to the rigth to open the gate, then go thru.
--The Path of the Righteous
If you read the second page then it states that you will survive only if you go on the right path - so just go right. Actually, if you take any other path then you come to a trap with a chest past it. So keep going and then you come to a divide again, go right again and you come to a bed and some things, if you continue ahead you will get out of the cave and come into the Mangrove Jungle.
--The Mangrove Jungle
The Mangrove Jungle is such that if you go on the wrong path you will have to counter one or more probably, two Alleygators. So, here's te right path for you (I really went the wrong ways just to kill all the Gators). At the first divide go right and you come to a Sunken one. Kill it and go left and you should be seeing another Sunken one from the distance. 

Just behind this Sunken One is the Totem Pole which was mentioned in the third page. There are gold coins at the foot of the totem telling you which direction you are to go.

Go right from the Totem Pole and you will come to the Double Palm Tree. You need to go north from the double palm tree - which is the path to the left.

After that you come to the grave. 
----The Chest Key
----The Correct Chest
The Grave has a torch lit on the left and right. You first need to fo left from the grave (for the key). You will face a few Sunken Ones here but keep going to the right side and you will see the key and four treasure maps. Go back to the grave and continue to the other side and you will come to the Monolith.
Go right from the monolith.
The correct grave having the treasure is the one to the left. Dig it and take your treasure and you also find "The Pirate's Almanac" legendary item which is the best item in the game since it gives you an extra 10% Glory Bonus - Steelbeard also mentions in his Journal that this is more valuable than any treasure. 
Now, we need to take care of Harlok. Go back to the ship and face away from the ship to the woods. Go on the path to the left and you come to Harlok in the end. You can choose to kill him or maroon him on the Island.

Storm Island

Go to the now available Storm Island - you can only get here if you spoke to Eldritch on Antigua and killed all the Gargoyles and brought him all the five Gargoyle Eggs. You will soon understand the significance of those eggs.
Talk to Eldritch and take him in your party and go onto the Island. Go straight and you have to fight a lot of Sunken Ones. Keep going on the beach and in the end you can meet a sailor who was marooned on this island long ago. Speak to him and tell him you will get him out of here and also ask him if he has any gargoyle eggs. Now, after he gives you the location, follow him to his hut which is straight and on the path to the right - you can find a map of the island on a barrel ouside his house.
Track the chest full of eggs quest from your logbook and look into your map. You should be able to see the X mark where the chest is. Go there and take the three eggs in the chest - it is absolutely necessary that you have all the eggs - only then you can complete the quests on this island.

Ofcourse, the main reason we came to the Air Temple was to eradicate all the Gargoyles. As you go up the path to the left of the beach and to the top, you will always fight gargoyles every few yards away. You need to kill all the Gargoyles and not only that, you also need to collect all the eggs so here is a map showing you the locations of all eggs. The eggs are exactly near where you fight the gargoyles so look around after killing them. You can also see the Magical eysers which are on the mountain. There are a total of three on the path. You need five eggs so that Eldritch can make a vial of serum to close one Geyser. So collect all the eggs and close the three Geysers on your way to the top.
After you come to the temple, you will see a barrier preventing you from going in. It will only dispell if you closed all three geysers so go back if you did not. Then go in and you will fight the general of the Sunken - no biggie. Go inside the temple and kill the last of the Gargoyles and collect the three eggs here and you should have enough to shut the last Geyser too. Go back to your ship and talk to Eldritch.

The Swarm

Eldritch tells you that the Gargoyles may already have spread to nearby Islands so he asks you to go to each Island and check for Gargoyles.
First go to Caldera and talk to Eldritch who tells you that the Gargoyles may not have come here. Even though there are no Gargoyles, you have to come to Caldera for the quest to progress.
--The Isle of the Dead / Treasure Island
Go to the Isle of the Dead and talk to Eldritch again and he tells you that there are no gargoyles.
--The Sword Coast
--The Isle of Thieves
--Maracai Bay
For the remaining places you need to go to each island and talk to Eldritch woh then asks you to speak to a person you know on the island. On Tacarigua you can talk to Booze, Maracai Bay - Valdez, Sword Coast - Chani. After you talk to the people they mark the possible locations of Gargoyles on the map. Track this quest and you can see the X marks on the map. Go there and kill the Gargoyles and collect their eggs and go back to Eldritch. On the Isle of Thieves there are only three Gargoyles, you come across them when followig Slayne into the Jungle. The eggs are where you fight them so look nearby. After you take all of them, go talk to Eldritch the next time you can and he gives you 2500 gold as a reward.
And now we start the final part of the game. Go to the Isle of Thieves and head onto the Island - you'll go alone. Talk to Slayne who takes you towards the cave. On your path, you come across three Gargoyles and three eggs which are the last for The Swarm quest. After Slayne takes you to the cave...
Go inside the cave all the way and you fight a few enemies and then come out. As soon as you come out, you will see Sunken Ones ahead in a line. Start killing all of them and next to the last Sunken One you will find a note in a bottle. The note is a treasure map which will also reveal the entire Island and now you can see your map to move around along with the pics here.
So we officially are Marooned on an unkonwn Island supposedly inhabited by Gnomes.
Go to where you ship was and continue right from there and you will meet your first Gnome - Jaffar. Talk to Jaffar about everything - all the dialogues and he tells you that he needs to get away from this Island too and he will build a raft if we can supply him with the following -
1) Five Vines - All Gnome houses have vines infront of them and there are five houses and so you can get five veins. Just remember to check outside (to the left of the door of each house).
2) Ten Logs - You can find all the logs here -

Go to the beach and you will find the logs laying around. Go a bit to the left and you will also see the remaining logs on the beach itself.
3) Five Shirts - The Gnomes give you shirts as you do favours for them - the quests which give the shirts are below.
The town is just behind Jaffar's House and you can go there from the right where Jaffar lives. The first house you come to is to the right - Zeki in here wants us to find a Crown which some termites have stolen. Mark this quest and go to where the X mark is. The entrance to the cave is north of the X mark on the map. Return to Zeki with the crown and he gives you a few shirts.
The next house to the right is Ulvi's and she tells you that Kalil is missing. You can find Kalil near the place where you find the logs for the raft -
Talk to Ulvi after you rescue Kalil and she gives you a Black Pearl. Take the Pearl to the house opposite to here and you can meet Nuri. If you give him the pearl, he gives you the remaining shirts you need.
Talk to Kaan who is in the last house to the right and he wants you to kill the Gnome Eater. You can go to the eater if you take the path which is to the right from Kaan's house.
The gnome eater is the most difficult being to kill in the entire game. Only because it can hurt you really bad and you can barely scratch it. One of the Gnomes also seels explosives which you need to use against the eater. You will definitely need more than a few explosives too but after you kill it, talk to Kaan and he clears up everything.
Talk to Kaan about Jaffar andd he wants you to become his master and all that. Go back to Jaffar and you will get the whole explanation of Auri Culci. You do not need to go looking for the Auri Culci because you will know what Jaffar is looking for at the end of the game.
Talk to jaffar and give him all the equipment he needs and he asks you to meet him near the western beach. Go west on your map to the small beach and you will find Jaffar and his raft. Take it and you go to Tacarigua. You can find your ship in the same spot in Tacarigua - opposite to Booze's Tavern.
Go back to Antigua and to the Admiral's house where you find Slayne. After a bit of talk, you are to duel him. Track this quest and you can see the place you should meet him on your map. Go there and take care of him and you finally have the Dagger.

Legendary Item - The Flask

You will receive the Flask from Kaan after you kill the Gnome Eater.

The Water Temple

After you kill Slayne and posses all the four artifacts, talk to Patty. Then bring back Steelbeard's Ghost with the Skull Scepter and talk to him about the location of the Water Temple, he gives you the location and if you set sail now, you can reach it. But before you go there make sure you have lots of rum and gorg because you will be in some big fights.
As soon as you get near the temple you meet the Kraken. The Kraken only smashes it's tentacles on the ship. You can kill it only with the Titan Harpoon/spear. When the Kraken opens it's mouth, thrwo the spear inside to hit it. You need to keep throwing for a long time to kill it - about eight times atleast but it may vary. It keeps moving from one side of the ship to another so look at it's head to see where it's going. To avoid getting smashed, just run around the ship and see where the tentacles are hitting and stay away from those spots to avoid them. After you kill the Kraken, you can land in the Water Temple.
To tell you the truth, the worst is over. Now all you need to do is get inside the temple and take out Mara. But the temple is guarded by a lot of beasts. Talk to one of your crew to take them with you and the rest help you fight too. Get inside the temple and you will be in the final battle with Mara herself.
Mara is just like any other sword fight, remember to parry and ripopste and counter. She may rise and summon some sea devils. Kill them and get back to her. If she starts hitting though, she will not stop so try to get away from her attacks. After you kill Mara, go talk to Jaffar and he tells you what his Auri Culci is. Also, talk to the rest of the crew about their thoughts after Mara is dead.
You can still explore the entire world and do anything you may have missed.




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