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Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

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Tacarigua Part 2
The Sword Coast Part 2
Caldera Part 2
The Island of the Dead

Tacarigua Part 2

We can start the search for Treasure in Tacarigua. Talk to Patty to set sail to Tacarigua and when you are there, go straight to the Tavern.
Ask Patty to go with you and when you are near the Tavern, ask he about her father's Treasure and also about everything else including the Druid. The Chest for which Patty has the key is in the upper floor of the Tavern. Go up the stairs which are to the left of the tavern and head into the room to the left and go all the way to the right and you see Steelbeard's Chest -
Open the chest and take everthing. You get another page from the treasure chest. Talk to Patty after this and if you look at the page, it gives us the locations of the remaining two pages also. One is in The Sword Coast and the other in Antigua. The treasure chest which has the next page on the Sword Coast is also marked on the map.
Go into the Tavern and talk to Booze and ask him about the Artifact. Booze gives us dome nice info including the name of Captain Garcia who was last spotted on Caldera. Go back to the ship and head to The Sword Coast.

The Sword Coast Part 2

Go to Sword Coast and open your logbook, mark the quest and the treasure chest is shown on the main map. You can go there by landing on the beach and waking right till the temple - just see the map to know the exact location. When you reach the temple, the X mark is to the left. Dig up the treasure and look in to get the next Page.
Legendary Items
Black Magic +10
Head into the temple and go to the left. Take the Idol and the door behind shuts and the door ahead opens. Go in and read the book to know about The Bottle of Memories. Go back to the Altar and place the Idol, wait for the door to fully open. Now, pick up the Idon again and run out before the door closes. Walk into the room to the right and follow the same procedure to get a few valuables. 
You can buy the Bottle of Memories from Kapua.

Caldera Part 2

NOTE: Before coming to Calderan make sure you have ingredients to make a Voodoo Doll.
You ought to go to Caldera next. Go in and speak to Carlos. He tells us about what Garcia did in Cladera and also allows us to go into the city. TO go to the City, just go right from this room and talk to the gate keeper. You come onto a bridge with a helpful guard who gives us more info. You ought ot visit Mauregato first now.
Cross the bridge and go left and into the first house on the right - that's Mauregato's place. In here, before you even speak to him steal everything. In the room to the right you find an important piece of paper and also some valubles. Search all the rooms in his house and you should also be able to find a Signet Ring. After you have both these items, talk to Mauregato and natually, he is of no help at all. Go back out and head to the bridge again and onto the steps opposite to the bridge. Go into the first house to the right and talk to Lucia. She has a room for rent - 250 Gold.
Now, if you have your lockpicking skill up to 60, only then give Lucia the money and take the room. Now, head outside and talk to the merchant Possidino. Give him the room keys and go back to Lucia and tell her that you gave away the room to Possodino and ask he to give you Garcia's Room. Take the room again for 250 Gold and head up stairs to his room. Garcia left back two chests - one needs a skill of 60 and the other need lockpicking at 90. There's also a Jade earring in here.
To the right of Garcia's room is Da Silva who has a Voodoo Altar and he can also teach you to master Potions. Head back downstairs and into the first room to the left and talk to Pantaleo. He gives you a Wig in excahnge for the receipt you took from Mauregato's House. Now, go back outside the hotel and go towards the High Concil chambers and a Servant invites you to Azuro's House. Go to Azuro's house (right from the bridge coming into the city from the fort). Talk to Azuro, he wants us to take Mauregato down. Just agree to what he says and he gives you a fake letter (if you have the Signet Ring from Mauregato's hosue) and asks you to get some messenger's clothes.
------Messenger's Attire
You can buy Messenger's Clothes from Pantaleo back in the hotel. You need this to pose as a messenger of either Mauregato or Azuro later.
------Access to the Archives
Now, go to the Voodoo altar and make a Voodoo Doll of Mauregato. Go near him in his house and use the doll. After you gain control of Mauregato, head straight to the High Council.
Talk to Puco to the right and tell him that you are against Mara and he will do the same. Talk to Custodio ahead and call a meeting. He asks you to Inform Puco and Godin. Tell Puco about the meeting. Godin is in the area to the right - you can go there by taking the steps down to the right of Puco and go right down the stairs. After informing them, head into the meeting chamber and vote against Mara - you can also Vote for Mara if you asked Puco to vote for Mara earlier too but let's do the good thing for now. After the meeting, tell Custodio that you want to resign. You can also get a letter proving that Mauregato is guilty in his office here.
Now, go back to the house and change bodies and after you gain control over yourself, go to Azuro and talk to him about the resignation. He gives you an official letter and makes you his messenger. Head to the High Council Building and into the Archives - take the steo down to the right from the hall beside Puco and go to the left, a guard is blocking the path, tell him that Azuro is going to be the next member and all that and he allows you to go inside the Archives. First, head left and to the end ahead and read High Council Ruilings to know the location of Garcia. Before you go back out, read everything here and take everything.
Legendary Items
You get the location of the Skull if you read the book which is in the room to the left as you enter Mauregato's House.
We sould now call Steelbeard in his spirit...head to the Island of the Dead.

The Island of the Dead

You cannot Dock near the Island since it has no Dock... Take the boat out to the Island. There is nothing to look around on the beach so head straight up to the entrance of the Graves. You meet Tao outside, tell him about your endeavour and he tel you what you need to do - Fake your death, go to the Underworld and all that.
----The Potion of False Death
The first part of the Quest focuses on collecting ingredients for the Potion of False Death.
You face a warrior first then a Ghoul and a Grave Guardian after that. Kill all of them and go down the stairs onto the sand. 
Black Lotus 1/5
The first black lotus is directly ahead from the foot of the steps near the rocks in front of us.
Black Lotus 2/5
The second Lotus is just to the right of this one near the wall. Now, you have three ways to go, first head into the path to the left.
Grave Dust 1/6
Kill the Ghoul and Guardian in the beginning and move ahead and you fight a Warrior and a Ghoul and also you see the first of the Grave Dust to the left here on the wall.
Black Lotus 3/5, 4/5
Move ahead and you come to another warrior and ghoul. There are two Black Lotus here, one near the dead tree in the center and the other to the right near the Statuette.
Grave Dust 2/6
Past the dried tree in the center you will see a Warrior near a Grave, kill him and take the Grave Dust, go back and go left. You find a chest and an Ore Vein to the right of the grave.
Grave Dust 3/6, 4/6
Go back now and up on the path in the middle and turn right where you see another warrior. Kill him and go into the room to the right which has another Grave dust and a Jade. Go ahead and to the left where you fight another Ghoul and Warrior. Kill them and pick up the things here and head back all the way to where you jump up to the left to get here and go straight now and read the book to get a tip on a legendary item - The Parrot's Wing. Go down the path to the right now.
Grave Dust 5/6
As you exit the cave a Guardian is waiting for you. Enter the room to the left to find another Grave Dust. Now, there are stairs to the left, remember these beacause the Altar you need to go to after you collect everything is here.
Grave Dust 6/6, Black Lotus 5/5
Go to the right and kill the Warriors. Keep going and you will come to the first area again thru the central path. Now only the right side path remains. Go there and kill the Warriors and the Ghoul. In the end are more ghouls and a Guardian. After you kill them you will find the last Grave Dust in the room ahead and the last lotus to the right of the room. The room to the right has a treasure map and the treasure is on this island itself. The treasure contains a Hook Hand - one of the legendary items.
Now, go the the Altar of Transition and speak to Tao, use the Altar to head into the world of the dead and pick up the Old Coin to the right which is another legendary item.
Tao tells us to free the four souls which have been cursed to stay here forever.
NOTE: I will give you the places where you can do the main quest but you ought to look around everywhere again to get some useful stuff.
----The Artist's Curse
The Artist Nahele is to the right as you enter this area - this is just the same area so you do not need to explore everything again. To free Nahele, she needs to make the Skull Scepter and give it away. We need the Scepter so she asks us to bring the three pieces of the Scepter.
----The Hunter's Curse
The Hunter Motega is to the left from Nahele, talk to him and agree to help him kill the Silverback. Follow him into the cave to the right of Nahele and kill the Silverback and take it's skin - this releases Motega from his curse and he gives you his item.
----The Thief's Curse
You can open your map and quick travel to The Thief's Temple where you meet Akando the Thief. To free Akando, you must steal something from him. He says that he has a diamond in the chest in the room to the left of where he is sitiing but you need to get a key from a Voodoo priestess to be able to open the chest. Go back to Nahele and ask her for a key, she needs gold to make the key though. Go back to Akando and go into the room to his left and take the contents of the chest. He is free now. You also have his item.
----The Warrior's Curse
The last one is in the Arena. Go there and fight and defeat the Warrior to end his Curse and recive his item.
Go back to Nahele and she makes you the Scepter and the curse is lifted from her too. Now, go back to Tao.
Talk to Tao and give him the Scepter. He summons Steelbeard. Talk to him and he marks the location of the Artifact on your map but you cannot ask him anything about his Treasure. Tao also tells us that we can call Steel Beard back from the Underworld whenever we want with the Scepter.
After taking care of things, go back to the Transition Altar and return to living form and head back to your ship and plot a course for Maracai Bay.
While Going towards The Thief's Temple you will encounter a "Confused Ghost". Talk to him and he says something about being part of a whole or 1/2 or something like that. You can offer to help him find his real body and unite the ghost with the body again. This is continued in the Maracai Bay area during the quest "Unwanted Sermon".
You get the treasure map in the Arena Area when you are in the world of the living. The treasure is marked on the map and is very easy to find - it can be collected in the real or spirit world.
You find The Old Coin and The Hook Hand during the Potion of False Death Quest above and also the info on the Parrot's Wing.


Starting from the Inquisition Office where you dock your ship, go left and continue going straight and in a short while you will see a Tribal named Habib. If you ask him about Harlok, he tells you that you can find him up hill to the left and also that ten pieces of meat were stolen by Harlok and his men from Habib.
Go up the mountain path to the left of where you see Habib and you encounter a Panther and a couple of dead Inquisition Soldier. Kill the Panther and cross the wooden bridge to the right of the dad bodies of the soldiers. After you cross the bridge, move a few paces ahead and keep to the left. You will see a camp with four pirates around it but only three attack you. Kill them and go to the camp and you see that the fourth pirate is Harlok. Talk to him and tell him you are Steelbeard's Succesor and all that. He tell you that if you let him join you he will lead you to the island after you have all four clues that Steelbeard left behind. Agree to him and he will go to your ship automatically.
In this camp site, you can pick up a lot of things and if you read the book here, it contains information on The Pirate's Almanac.
If you speak to Mercutio in the temple near the Inquisition Dock he won't trade with you unless you bring him five storage barrels which are on the beach nearby. Go out of the temple and take the right steps down and go onto the edge of the sand to the left. You ought to see all the barrels in the water at the edge of the sand along the bank. There are two firebirds to kill but it's clear all the way here. Take the barrels back and Mercutio starts trading with you.
You can obtain the map of Maraci in two possible ways. The first is by doing the Beast in the Lake quest below and the second is by asking Commander Corrientes for a map in the Village of the Maracai Tribe. You will come across bothe ways in the main quest - The Expedition below.
While searching for The Expedition of Commander Corrientes, you come across three fishermen near the Lake near the Village. Talk to Hanu and tell him that you will kill the croc which supposedly killed hundereds of humans in it's time. The Croc is a few steps to the left near the lake, If you kill it and go back to Hanu he gives you a Treasure Map and you get the Map of the Island with it automatically.
While searching for the Expedition you come across The Old Camp area and after that you come to the dead body of a Inquisition Soldier, If you have Patty or Chani with you, they tell you that this area experienced a battle. Go left from this body up the mountain - Patty will tell you that this is the wrong way (when you are searching for Corrientes). You'll meet Angus here near a campfire. What you do with Angus will be revealed in the plot quest later. But just do not kill Angus and after you go to the Fire Temple, come back and tell him that he is free to go.
In the Maracai Tribe's living place you come across Malaika to the left of the fire who carved three Idols for the Ancestors but some Pirates have snatched the Idols from the grave. These pirates are near an Ancient Grave which come if you go right from the lake below the Village (you come across a grave which is just nearby opposite to the village. The exact location is here -
Take the Idols back to Malaika and she gives you a treasure map.

You can find Garcia's ship to the North East of the Island. You can go to the ship by going to the beach north (right side) of the Island and you will find a boat here which you can take to Garcia's Ship. There are four pirates guarding Garcia's Ship. Also, you will find info on Steelbeard's Artifact in the ship in the licing quarters. If you alread yspoke to Steelbeard's Ghost then you already know about the location of the Artifact. You can go back to Cordobar (south of the Village) and tell him about the ship, you can also go to the place where you docked your ship in the Inquisition's hold area and inform Valdez about Garcia's Ship so that the Inquisition Soldiers can get out of this place.
You will meet Jamila in the Maracai Village but she is not near the fire, she is brewing potions near a cauldron and you can reach there by going up the path from the fire area. She wants you to collect four Fire Pepper for her so she can make some food. She also marks all the fire pepper locations on your map. Go there and you meet another girl from the tribe. Speak to her and tell her that Jamila sent you and she gives you a fire pepper. The second is to the left of the chest behind the girl and the other two are just to the right. Take them back and Jamila gives you a special brew - you need this for The Unwanted Sermon quest below, so keep it aside.
You meet a strange white guy - Bones who is half fruit basket, he just goes on and on and never shuts up and he really is extremely annoying. But you need to ask him to join your crew as a Doctor. In the previous quest after you give Jamila the fire peppers she gives you a little something as a gift but you can't drink it. You need to give it to bones who then snaps out of the nut.

Now, the next order of businees with Bones is to get him his soul back. Ask him to follow you to the ship and go to The Island of the Dead, talk to Bones when you reach the Island and he gives you a secret password. Go to the Transition Altar and into the land of the souls and go near the Thief's Temple and talk to the Confused Ghost. Give him the secret word and he returns to his body. 
When you speak to Corrientes in the Maracai Village he mentions a group of pirates who are hiding nearby the village. And their leader is Black Dog. You can reach their camp by going down the path to the lake below the village. Then take a left and go straight, (you need to go straight past the chest that's here near the foot of the hill on which the village is) and then take the first left you see. You will come to Black Dog's camp soon, kill them and read the book here to get some info on The Talisman.
Firstly, here are the four areas where you find the graves -
You should go to the first grave which comes on your path while you are travelling during "The Expedition" quest. If you travel deep into the grave, at the end you come across a Golden Mask, if you try to pick it up a ghost of a Maracai Ancestor stops you and you can offer to help. You need to make sure that four graves have four masks in the Maracai Bay. This grave has the mask so you need to find three more. You will find the masks on Dead Pirates inside the graves itself. The graves are dangerous and filled with enemies, save often inside the graves and you also need to avoid traps.
One of the graves (the second grave) does not have a mask, instead it is filled with Naked Corpses. You can clear this quest during the other quest "Blood of the Ancestors" where you meet a person who tells you what the corpses are.
The last mask is on Black Dog or Garcia - you will encounter both of them during main quests below so you do not need to go looking for them. Just return to the place after you have the mask.
Chaka Datu is the chieftan of the Maracai Tribe. He is in the hut at the highest point of the village. Speak to him and he tells you all about his son who was killed by Garcia and also about choosing his next successor. If you offer to help then he tells you that only a Halmak of the Maracai is suited for the task. You should speak to one of the successors - Zaalu, he's in the tent nearest to Bones. Tell him to make you a Halmak but he already has a Halmak so you are to beat him in battle to be appointed as the New Halmak. So go and speak to Potaka and tell him of the development, he asks you to follow him to the battle ground. Just go there and beat him and talk to Zaalu again and he makes you the Halmak.
Datu is now going to give three tests to the successors and if they pass all three, they can be appointed as the next Chaka. Talk to Datu for the first test and tell what the test is to Zaalu. Zaalu asks you to follow him to the hunting grounds of the Black Hunter - a panther. Go behind him and he takes you to a cave. You can just go in and kill the Hunter and grab it's claws. Talk to Zaalu who leads you back to the village. FOr the second task, Datu sets up a few questions he wants to ask Zaalu to test his intelligence. But Zaalu is only intelliget enough to ask us for help. So, take Zaalu's hair and make a doll of him and go to him and control him. Run to Datu and he asks the three question - which are simpler than I though they would be. The answers are - Darkness, Time and Nothing. Get you body back and tell Zaalu that you made sure he passed the second test.
Talk to Datu again and he tells that for the third test the two Halmaks of the successors are to fight each other to assess the decision making ability of the successors to choose wisely. Beat the other Halmak and Zaalu is appointed as the new Halmak.
There are four treasure maps which you can get in Maracai. We know by now how all the treasures are shown on the map so you will not have any problem searching for them.
You get a treasure map from the fishermen outside the village who want you to kill the croc.
The second map is given by Malaika after completing her quest to return the three Idols.
The third map comes as a note in a bottle and is found here -
The last map comes during the main quest line.
As soon as you dock in Maracai Bay, the Inquisiiton Officers come to the ship and mention Garcia and tell that their ship had been sunk. Also, Commandant Corrientes who was on an expedition has not returned yet. So, it's up to us to go into the Jungle and search for the Commandant.
Firslty, facing the ship from the temple turn right and go down the steps. Go straight and turn right in the end (there is no other way to go). A few steps later, your partner - if you brought anyone with you - looks on the ground and mentions that the tracs are splitting up to left and right, you will also see a Maracai tribal called Habib here. If you speak to him and ask about Harlok, Habib tells you that Harlok is up the hill on the path to the left so Garcia must be in the Jungle. Head straight further into the Jungle now.
After a bit more of walking your partner tells you that the expedition went to the south-west (right side), so continue on their trail. You come to two left turns, one going up the Hill behind you and the other into the Jungle. Go on the path up the hill and your partner mentions seeing Campfire to the right, go right from here and you come to "The Old Camp Site".
From the Old Camp site, go back the same way you came onto the main path and go right and you see an old broke building to the left - remember this - it's near the old camp site and we need to come back here later. COntinue forward till you come to another branch in the road - the path to the right just has a chest so go there if you want to and come back and go straight.
Keep going and keep to the right, now you come across a dead Inquisition soldier. Your partner mentions that a big fight happened here - there are some oddities you can pick up around this place, after that continue right from the body. You soon come to a campfire with three natives around it. One of them is Hanu and they are all fishermen. Ask them about the expedition and they tell you that Corrientes is in the village near the lake just ahead. They also mention a monster in the lake - a croc, if you kill it, the fishermen give you a treasure map - which also gives us the map of Maracai bay.
Look into your map and you should be near a small body of water. Go on the right of the water from the campfire and you will see a path up the hill to your right having lit torches. Go up the path and you come to the vllage of the Maracai. The Expedition's Commander - Corrientes is in the tent to the left of the bonfire. Phew, finally!
Ask Corrientes about Garcia and the fire wall and all that. He explains that the entrance to the area with the fire temple has a Wall of Fire which cannot be crossed by normal means. But Corrientes does not know where the wall is, so he tells us thatif we can find out where the wall is he will tell us how to go thru it.
I'll give a picture of the area which has the cave leading to the wall of fire -
You can make your way there by going down the hill where the village is and turning left, move ahead and turn left again and make your way to the Cave. The cave will come to your right and as you can see it is near the absolute end of the place so look twice beofer you move away from there.
Enter the cave and you need to be very careful since you will come across four Grave Spiders and you may have to fight a couple of them at the same time. Keep going inside the cave - it's not a labrynth or a maze, it's just a straight path to the end where you will spot the wall of fire.
Report back to Corrientes about where you saw the wall of fire and he asks you meet the Shaman of the Maracai Tribe who lives seperately on another hill. He also marks it on your map so if you track the quest from your logbook you can see that X marks the spot where you find the Shaman, you need to go up on a path at the foot of a hill and the path is narrow so watch out for it carefully.
If you already did the Graves of the Ancestors quest you would have come across a grave which had naked people killed in it. Talk to the Shaman about everything and he does give you the blood you need and also provides some very useful information on Garcia - very useful!
Now that we have the blood of the ancestors which we needed to enter the wall of fire, go there and enter the wall and you come to another section in the map. This is a very large area and the fire temple is right on the other side of this place. Fight your way thru this place and go into the fire temple.
Enter the fire temple and you immediately meet Garcia. He actually tries to stike a deal with us but is eventually persuaded otherwise by Mara herself. So, you need to fight Garcai now. Hopefully, by now you ought to have had the Parry Skill unlocked by some guy. Always hold the parry button so you can avoid getting hit, hit him occasionally after he does his swinging. Garcai will fall and you can take some very very nice weapons from him which include a great pistol.
You also get what you came to Maracai originally for, the artifact that was with Garcai - The Thief's Bone Hand - which is the second part of the final weapon. Talk to Patty after this and go back to the ship and we finally set sail for Antigua.

Legendary Items

You get info on the whereabouts of The Talisman when you read the book which is in Black Dog's camp site.
You can find the talisman beside the body of the dead pirate in the Ancestral Grave 4 in the quest "The Ancestral Graves". The Talisman is a Jaguar's Paw -
The location of the Pirate's Almanac is mentioned in the book you can read at the camp you found Harlok at.



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