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Checkpoint Reached Episode 4 - Best LoL Champion, Inochi, Alien Ninja Turtles


Posted by: Lance Liebl

We continue our weekly show of Checkpoint Reached with some hilarious videos you probably already seen, but we'll shove down your throat again and again.

This episode is brought to you by a fine hottie in a Pac Man dress.

This week, League of Legends funny man Dunkey plays the best champion in the game, Talon.  Oh wait, it's Riven.  Nope, it's Teemo, oh wait...Cassiopeia, no, Karthas? You can view the whole video HERE.

Our second video is all the way from the crazy country of Japan.  It features an "it" name Inochi.  It's half robot, half alien-like, 100 percent creepy, and gets boners thinking of asian schoolgirls.  If you want to have nightmares, click HERE.  It is alive... and it frightens me.  Kill it with fire.

Lastly, Michael Bay announced that he's making a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and they're going to be aliens.  Team CoCo gives us a first look at the movie.

Also, we give some recommendations on who should play April O'Neil.  Comment below or on our YouTube on which actress you think should play April in the new Turtles movie for a chance to win a copy of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the PS Vita.

Feel free to follow Lance on Twitter @Lance_GZ and send him any funny videos you'd like to see in next week's episode.

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