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League of Legends Last Hitting Guide


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

This week on Eye of the Summoned, we take a look at the very important strategy of last hitting in League of Legends.

Every Thursday we focus on new League of Legends videos that will not only highlight tips, strategies and guides, but also spotlight new champions.

Last Hitting is a technique that is absolutely crucial in every match. This consists of being the one to hit the minions last in order to get the gold for that kill. Other techniques go hand in hand with last hitting however. Zoning for example deals with keeping your opponent away from your minions, in order to deny them your minions, and therefore deny them of last hitting them. Clogging relies on you not pushing your lane forward and instead waiting on your minions to once again meet you at the halfway point in order for you to engage with the enemy minions, and get easier last hits.

Make sure you check back next week, when we look at a new champion, and highlight some useful strategies for those wanting to pick him/her up.

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