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Xbox Live Indie Game Insider Volume 3


Posted by: GameZone Staff

Due to a shortened work week last week for yours truly, I only have two titles to present for this week’s Xbox Live Indie Games Insider. The Game of the Week turned out to be a cheesy, yet entertaining shmup while the second title to receive my attention was a multiplayer ghost town.

Game of the Week Vampire Rage

There’s nothing more inviting than a character yelling out “Die!” or “Avenge!” randomly throughout the course of levels as he/she blazes through enemies with ease. Vampire Rage has this feature and has it in droves.

While the art and gameplay are mildly basic, Vampire Rage is capable of inviting players back with simplicity. The controls are easy to learn on the fly as players can either fire bullets in a spray or stream fashion while also deflecting enemy shots with a sword. In addition, the sword also allows players to create bombs to place on the scrolling environment if enough bullets are deflected back at the opposition in a small amount of time. The bombs also provide a period of invulnerability, so achieving them is of great aid to the player.

Even with no opposing difficulty level to overcome – only two options at the start – Vampire Rage still fills a niche that hasn’t received many titles on the Xbox 360 in any format (XBLA, XBLIG, retail, etc.). Vampire Rage isn’t going to win everyone over since the story is light on detail, the boss battles present themselves as random encounters rather than epic battles and there’s no global leaderboard to compare stats to the best in the world. Considering that, Vampire Rage is a DEMO IT title at best. Kong360: Gorilla Warfare

Who doesn’t love a little gorilla on gorilla action? Kong360 takes primate warfare to a new level as it employs top-down shooter gameplay mixed in with the silliness of Banana cocktails for grenades.

The sad truth about Kong360 is that there’s no one playing this multiplayer-oriented shooter online to create an exciting environment. Every match I participated in had to resort to bot-filled matches. On the flip side, the matches with the bots was more than enough to convince me that Kong360 is a fantastic premise, provided there are individuals to enjoy it with.

Performing wall jumps, shooting enemy gorillas (red vs. blue team) with rocket launchers and shotguns, and layered levels helped create a title that would’ve captured the hearts of multiplayer fans if it had an already installed audience to cater to. Instead, the mayhem is left to drones with as much wit as a worm in a bird’s nest. Definitely AVOID IT unless you can convince at least 20 of your friends to buy it in unison.

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