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17 Video game characters scarier than Richard Sherman

richard sherman interview

Richard Sherman is a scary man. He might be the best cornerback in the NFL; he certainly thinks so, as he uses every chance on TV and radio to remind us that he is. (Sorry for this little mini-rant, but you're not the best if you need to tell everyone you are... you just come off as a d-bag.) Anyways, Richard Sherman made a great play to send the Seahawks to the Super Bowl to face my beloved Denver Broncos. After the game he went on a tirade about Michael Crabtree being mediocre and scared the bejeezus out of Erin Andrews. Caught up in the moment of what just happened -- and being the trash-talker that he is -- Richard Sherman came off a bit wild and scary (hard to do for a Stanford player) in his post-game interview. And he instantly turned most the country into Broncos fans for the Super Bowl. 

That look and reaction from Erin Andrews... I've seen it before on the face of many gamers when they encounter a scary boss that they're not prepared to handle. Armed with a controller instead of a microphone, it's common to have panic strike you when you encounter that scary of a character. And so, here's 17 characters scarier than Richard Sherman from last night's post-game interview...

1. The first time you see a Necromorph.

necromorph dead space

2. Speaking of aliens... it's scary how bad Aliens: Colonial Marines was.

aliens: colonial marines

3. A mentally-challenged psychopath wielding a chainsaw and wearing a pig's head. Yea, Piggsy is scary.


4. A witch in Left 4 Dead... that sobbing gave me nightmares.

witch left 4 dead

5. Alma from F.E.A.R. makes me think of The Ring. So that means I don't sleep at night.

alma fear

6. The design of Pyramid Head is cold, disturbing and terrifying.

pyramid head

7. Stalkers from Dead Space 2 jump from cover to cover and, well, stalk you. They're like scarier velociraptors. 

stalkers dead space

8. Adam the Clown from Dead Rising, because f*ck clowns.

adam the clown dead rising

9. Anyone you encounter in Outlast. 

10. Slender Man. A tall, faceless creature in a suit with creepily long limbs that follows you until you die. Of course he's on this list.

slender man

11. And for that matter, let's throw Enderman from Minecraft in here.


12. The baby you play as in Among the Sleep. Children crawling and walking around a creepy house in the middle of the night solving puzzles are creepy.

among the sleep

13. The Boy of Silence is responsible for the biggest jump scare in BioShock Infinite. 

boy of silence bioshock infinite

14. The Kaernk is invisible and lurks in the water waiting for you to wade into the water. And people wonder why I'm afraid of dark, deep water. Keep out of the water...


15. Pint-sized Slasher from Fallout 3. it's a little kid that has a clown face and wields a knife. No thank you. 

pint-sized slasher

16. Crawlers from Dead Space 2... I'm starting to think anything with kids is creepy. 

crawler dead space

17. Those damn dogs that jump through the window in Resident Evil gave me a heart attack.

resident evil dogs window

Honorable mention: The Shibito from Siren. Never played it. From the looks of pictures, I never will.

shibito siren

In the end, Sherman and the Seahawks defense will be facing Peyton Manning in two weeks. It'll be an amazing game. Sherman is a great player and he summed it up best when asked by ESPN reported Ed Werder what it's going to be like facing that offense, "Sounds like a fun match-up to me."

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