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15 Animals that haven't been made into Pokémon

Who's that Pokemon?

For years, fans have accused Game Freak of being out of ideas. When you look at some inanimate object Pokémon or the overabundance of rabbit-based Pokémon, it's easy to see where they're coming from. This generation has introduced some fantastic new Pokémon, like Greninja, Aegislash, and Goodra, but it added less than 70 new Pokémon in total. Are there any animals left for Game Freak to use?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. The animal world is full of fascinating creatures that would make excellent Pokémon. From marsupials to mythical beasts, here are 15 creatures Game Freak has yet to tackle.

1. Goose

Goose Pokemon

Game Freak's made duck after duck, but they've never attempted a goose. Swanna is the closest they've come. It's a little insane that there are legions of Pokémon based off of mythical creatures, but not one inspired by your ordinary, everyday goose.

Water/Flying is a good fit for a goose-based Pokémon, but it's a little mundane. If Game Freak drew inspiration from Mother Goose and played up the connection to fairy tales, they could make a really interesting Water/Fairy or Flying/Fairy Pokémon. It would definitely stand out from the duck crowd.

2. Lemur

Lemur Pokemon

Lemurs are cute in a weird, cartoon-y sort of way that would translate perfectly to the Pokémon universe. It's also easy to picture one as a starter. Why hasn't Game Freak gone this route yet? Maybe they're afraid of what lemurs could do with a move like Baby-Doll Eyes.

A Fire or Grass-type lemur would be an excellent starter, and it's also easy to picture them as a Normal-type Pokémon. That said, the name lemur has some really intriguing origins. It comes from "lemures", which is a type of restless spirit. A Ghost-type lemur could be very interesting.

3. Narwhal

Narwhal Pokemon

The ocean is full of strange and wonderful creatures, and the narwhal is one of them. They're toothed whales, but they bear a slight resemblance to unicorns thanks to their long, sharp tusks. There's something about them that feels a little unreal, and that makes them a great candidate for a Pokémon.

There's a sword-like quality to the narwhal's tusk that would be ideal for a Water/Steel-type. Empoleon's the only Water/Steel-type in the Pokédex, and he could use some company! If Game Freak opted to play up the unicorn element, Water/Fairy-type would work just as well.

4. Koala

Koala Pokemom

People love koalas. They're cute, they're fuzzy, and they look like they'd give really good hugs. Best of all, beneath their cuddly exterior lurks a surprisingly vicious creature that could do some real damage in a Pokémon battle. 

Koalas primarily subside on venomous plants, which means they'd work really well as a Grass/Poison-type. However, it might be more fun to see them use their claws as a Grass/Fighting-type. Either way, a koala Pokémon would be a force to be reckoned with.

5. Peacock

Peacock Pokemon

A peacock is pretty much the perfect starter Pokémon. They'd join you as a cute little bird, start to develop some plumage, and eventually evolve into something majestic. It'd be great to have a peacock by your side at every stage of your Pokémon journey. 

Thanks to some excellent fanart, I tend to think of peacocks as Grass-type. Still, a Fire-type peacock would be spectacular as long as it differentiated itself from Ho-Oh, and a Water-type peacock could be absolutely beautiful. Each time a new set of starters is announced, I hope one of them will be a peacock. Someday.

6. Pegasus

Pegasus Pokemon

Mega Absol has given gamers a taste of what a pegasus Pokémon could be like. Imagine flying from city to city on the back of a winged horse. There are surprisingly few horse-inspired Pokémon out there, and it'd be great to have another.

Fairy/Flying is a natural fit for a mythical horse, but Flying/Psychic or even Flying/Ghost could work just as well. If it weren't for Rapidash, Fire/Flying would be amazing. Ultimately, the typing doesn't really matter as long as it can learn Fly.

7. Opossum

Possum Pokemon

Technically speaking, opossums are marsupials, but they could easily fill the niche of "rodent-like creature that shows up near the start of every Pokémon game". Playing possum is tailor made for a Pokémon ability, and their love of hanging by their tails could make for some really fun animations.

Since opossums are usually nocturnal, Ground/Dark-type would be a good fit. An opossum Pokémon could be a real threat with a move like Dark Void. If Game Freak opts for a cuter design, Normal-type could also work well.

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