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13 real-life things that would make terrifying boss encounters

giant camel spider 2

Damn earth, you scary. There's terrifying things out there in. Some terrifying things from nature, some from us. After facing off against some scary bosses in video games over the years, here's a little list of 13 real-life things that would make for terrifying boss encounters...

1. Lamprey - Getting as long as 40 inches, they attach to an animal to tear through flesh and draw blood. They don't usually attack humans, but come on... that's terrifying. 


2. Frilled Shark - A very rare shark, often referred to as a "living fossil." Reaches lengths of 6.6 feet, has an eel-like body, swallows prey whole, and sports about 300 small razor-sharp teeth, set in 27 rows,  that dig into struggling prey. Each tooth has three sharp hooks. 

frilled shark

National Geographic

3. The quietest room on earth - Sounds like something right out of Silent Hill. You hear your heart beating and blood flowing, and you start hallucinating.

world's quietest room


4. Poodle Moth - Looks like something I've battled in Dark Souls. I don't think it's cute. I think it's nightmarish. 

poodle moth

5. Wolf Fish - Not dangerous to humans, but called a River Monster for a reason.

wolf fish

6. Giant Camel Spider - ... no thank you... NO THANK YOU!

giant camel spider

7. Living Dolls - Men that dress up like ladies using fake rubber skin. I don't want to sound mean, but what the f*ck?!

living dolls

8. This creepy hand model - Something is wrong with this lady. Her psychological profile fits the bill as a character in Condemned: Criminal Origins.

9. Star-nosed mole - More like a mole infected with that fungus from The Last of Us.

star nosed mole

10. Japanese Giant Hornet - 1.5 inches long and a really painful sting. There is no god. 

japanese giant hornet

11. Human Bot Fly - Eggs get onto human. Body heat hatches eggs. Larvae drop onto skin and burrow in. Where they live. Eating their way inside you. And they grow anywhere in your body... anywhere... Warning: do not look up human bot fly removals.

human bot fly

12. Climbing at 1768-foot tower - Combine it with the Oculus Rift and a fear of heights...

13. Child birth - Any dad or soon-to-be dad will agree with this.


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