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10 helpful ways to get you out of the Salt Mines in Salty Bet

Salty Bet

Salty Bet is the new Twitch sensation which pits characters from various franchises, tv shows, and anything in between that people have made for MUGEN.

You're able to bet fictitious Salty Bucks on either of the two contestants and either reap the benefits or make your way down to the Salt Mines. What are the Salt Mines? Glad you asked!

If you run out of Salty Bucks, you're always given $10 to get yourself out of the Salt Mines by hopefully betting on the right characters. It's not always easy getting out of the Salt Mines, but hey, we got some handy tips to not only get you out of them, but to help you stay out.

#1 Always bet on Waifu

The now popular Japanese meme 'Waifu' is now heavily used in Salty Bet whenever any female is the competitor. For example, if you see Sailor Moon going up against Wolverine, betting on Waifu means you bet on Sailor Moon. Waifu never lets you down!

Ok so maybe this is more of a novelty rule, but hey, ALWAYS BET ON WAIFU!

#2 Always bet on adjective fighters

This is almost entirely a sure thing. If you see a character that has Demonic, Hyper, Shadow, Possessed or any sort of adjective or description before their name, then it usually means they're pretty over-powered. Whether it's an absurd amount of health, or attacks that drain half the opponent's HP bar, you're relatively safe betting your life savings on these characters.

However, always bet on Waifu, see rule #1.

#3 Always bet on MS Paint

Salty Bet is home to a lot of famous characters, but it's home to a lot of fake ones drawn with MS Paint. Betting on those seems to be a popular choice thanks to their rather ridiculous and over-the-top attacks that tend to either fill up the whole screen, or have some sort of elaborate HP bar draining attack. Not to mention, they can be pretty damn glitchy, which might often work in their favor.

Sure they might not be pretty to look at, but boy can they fight.

#4 Always bet on dog characters

Dog characters are tiny, which means they have really small hitboxes. This does come with a small disadvantage, because dog characters tend to have a lower amount of HP. However, since they're so hard to hit, like Iggy for example, they'll usually end up winning due to their tiny size.

#5 Always bet on Popeye

Always, seriously. Never, ever, bet against Popeye.

#6 Usually bet on small hitboxes

Hitboxes are usually king in Salty Bet. Tiny characters who go up against rather large ones have a great advantage of not being hit , since their hits usually go above them. The small hitboxes rule is relatively the same as rule #4, but whereas you always bet on dog characters, there are definite exceptions to some small characters. Which is actually a perfect segue into the next rule, because small hitboxes don't matter when it comes to...

#7 Never bet DBZ

Dragon Ball Z characters suck. It's true. You never bet on DBZ. Not only do their moves suck (although their blast attacks do a fair amount of damage) but they usually spend half the time charging up, which leaves them open to attacks, and that's the last thing you want your character doing that you just placed a rather hefty bet on.

Never bet on DBZ

They may look awesome, but they just charge-up way too damn much. Never bet on DBZ.

Even the aforementioned blast attacks take some time to charge up themselves, which once again leaves them open to attack, and since Salty Bet is anything but fair, you have characters that often move even faster than you can follow. Trust me, never bet on DBZ.

#8 Never bet Sonic

Sonic characters usually defy logic, when comparing it to the rules above. They're usually small, which means they have small hitboxes, but the they do such little damage, that it makes absolutely no sense to choose them. For every one hit a stronger opponent does, which is like every other character, they have to do 10 to match that.

Don't even bet on Super Sonic. He may look awesome, but he's garbage... pure garbage.

#9 Sometimes bet on the underdog

The best rule when you're stuck with your $10 measly bucks in the salt mines, is to bet on the underdog. Since you may not usually know who the underdog is, at least until the odds are revealed after betting is closed, it's going to be a guessing game. But once you get a feel for it, betting for the underdog when you have nothing to lose and everything to gain is the perfect way to get out of the salt mines quick. That $10 bet with crazy odds against you can get you an amazing payout.

#10 Never take these rules seriously

The beauty about Salty Bet, much like real gambling, is that nothing, ever, is a sure thing. So seriously, take these rules with a grain of... salt!

Characters to bet on:

Ash: CAREFUL, it HAS to be the Italian version, which means when he hops into the match, a text box comes up with Italian text. If it's American Ash, screw him.

Roll: It has to be the one wearing black clothes. Her shots drain half the opponents HP.

Gonzales: The singing robot from Chrono Trigger, better known as Gato, yeah that guy, he one-shots opponents.

Lavos Spawn: He doesn't move, kills enemies in a hit or two.

Killer Whale: This character isn't even on the stage, but under it, jumping up to devour his opponents. His HP is really low, which means a few well placed hits will kill him, but that's never the case.

Popeye: See rule #5

Iggy: The dog described in rule #4. He's extremely small, and actually pretty powerful for his size.

Radish SSJ4: See rule #10, he kills fools in one hit.

Cyclops: One with dark blue armor. Incredibly fast and powerful. Usually wins rounds without being touched.

Chaos Hiryu: Super fast and really high damage. Not a lot of characters can touch him.

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