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10 board games that should be movies

So the movie Battleship was released, and I've heard good and bad reviews of it. Whether or not you think making the board game into a movie against aliens was a good idea, it happened. What board game is next on the list? Candy Land, starring Adam Sandler. Hollywood has already hit up popular books, toys, 80s television shows, comics, and older movies for material. Since it seems like there are no original ideas anymore, maybe board games are the next place for them to go and suck dry.

With that being said, here are 10 board games that I can see Hollywood making into movies. Keep in mind that the movie doesn't have to be anything like the board game. Get ready to have your mind blown...

10. RISK


This is the easiest board game to make a movie out of. It has a few popular movie characteristics: massive world war, battles, and a one-word title. There's so many different ways a world domination movie can go. It could be a World War III scenario where six different groups of allies strive for control. Tired of the human vs human stuff? Well throw in a fight against aliens, because that hasn't been done enough. Put a fantasy spin on it and have it be Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, and Humans fighting for domination. The possibilities are endless. Just promise me one thing: cast Liam Neeson.

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