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Zynga Attempting To Enforce "Ville" Trademark


Zynga, the company the industry loves to hate, is setting out make even more friends with yet another preposterous claim. Filed back in November, Zynga has been attempting to enforce a trademark infringement case against developer and game Blingville, for use of the "ville" suffix. Blingville has of course filed for a declaratory judgement stating that the title constitutes a "fair use" of the trademark.

Zynga is no stranger to trademark infringement, as they have previously been accused of stealing the title and content regarding Digital Chobolate's mobile game, Mafia Wars. I'm sure LucasArts and Jimmy Buffet probably have a thing or two to say about Zynga's "ville" trademark as well.

Is this just the worst company on the planet or what? If Satan himself took over as CEO while wearing Bobby Kotick's face as a hat, I would not be surprised.

William Haley
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