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Zong Expands Mobile Payment System to Consoles, TVs, PCs


Mobile payment company Zong is opening its platform, moving out of its safety zone with Android and into new areas such as tablets, consoles, interactive TV, and PCs.

Zong provides one of the easiest and most hassle-free ways of buying goods online. A far cry from the dreaded act of inputting card details, Zong users select items and check out, then enter their phone numbers into the website, which sends a text to the phone, and a quick reply confirms the purchase and sends the charges directly to the phone's bill. That's it.

“Mobile payments are gaining traction on all platforms and devices because the convenience is unrivaled,” said Zong CEO David Marcus. “Zong’s new platform enables merchants and developers to integrate mobile payment in virtually any environment, be it on a PC, a mobile phone, a tablet or a television.”

Marcus told TechCrunch that the system has many uses and is gathering a lot of interest from game developers looking to utilize the concept for in-game payments, for example. The same thing applies to movie rental companies, PC-based subscriptions services, and more, all of which could gain a hefty chunk of business from those who want to order goods with minimum hassle.

The odds of seeing Zong on the Xbox 360, specifically for gamer pictures and Xbox Live Arcade games, are unlikely given the console-exclusive currency. The same goes with Nintendo's Wii and WiiWare, though neither have commented on potentially adopting the system.

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