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ZombiU tasks us to get through the famous and zombie infested Tower Bridge, alive

ZombiU might just be the only Wii U game that is on my must have list at the moment. Not only does it look scary as hell (don't get me started on the part where he tries to crawl through the small space and the zombie grabs him unaware), its dual screen gameplay (read: gimmick) actually looks to be well implemented.

In this latest trailer, we get a glimpse of the player infiltrating the famous Tower Bridge, and some evidence that you won't be fending off zombies on your own. The woman guiding you through this part seems to be friendly and does pick off a few zombies for you with a trusty Sniper rifle I imagine. Your goal here being to get to the helicopter alive of course.

I would also like to point out that this is survival horror done right. It's tense, dark, gloomy, and filled with dangers around every corner. I'm not supposed to feel like an action hero, I'm supposed to be the victim, fighting for my life, and ZombiU seems to get that exactly right.

ZombiU is shaping up to be the must own title of the Wii U's release so far. It will be available for purchase starting November 13th, which is a whole five days before the Wii U's launch date.

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