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ZombiU screens have teddy bears and mattresses ... and zombies

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A batch of new ZombiU screenshots has surfaced. These five new images, which show off some concept art for different locales and zombie types, popped up at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Sure, it's only a total of five images, but they're pretty good images. I mean, we get some idea as to how a few of the undead baddies will look (The fat man zombie makes me chuckle.), as well as the dark and dreary environments. As a matter of fact, I think ZombiU has a really good atmosphere going for it. It's legitimately creepy, which is what a zombie game should be.

I actually had the chance to play ZombiU at this year's E3 back in June, and I had a blast. Hell, I was actually a bit creeped out during my play session with the game. And at one point the damn thing even delivered a jump scare! Yup, I looked like a buffoon in front of the Ubisoft people. Oh, well.

Check out the new screens, and for more on ZombiU, read all about it in our single-player and multiplayer hands-on previews from E3.

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