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Zombies to Invade Playstation Home


Playstation 3 is about to get hit by a zombie outbreak. Playstation Home will offer players aged 17 and up an exclusive opportunity to deepen their Dead Island experience through Playstation Home's Total Game Integration campaign.

Also available to Playstation Home visitors will be a Dead Island themed mini game in which players must prove their skills in crafting items and put their survival abilities to the test against attacks from hordes of zombies. This mini game can be playable with up to 4 players. There will be a total of 10 mini game challenges and users will be awarded with an exclusive in-game weapon, "Exploding Meat", if they complete all 10.

Each week, more levels and unlockable content, including a premium Playstation Home "Exploding Zombie Outfit", will be released for players that pre-order Dead Island directly from Home's Central Plaza.

Matt Liebl You can follow Senior News Editor Matt Liebl on Twitter @Matt_GZ. He likes games, sports, musicals, and his adorable dog, Wrigley, and his wife.
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