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Zombie platformer Deadlight 50% off on Steam


Get ready for some midweek madness on Steam, as the indie zombie action-adventure platformers Deadlight is on sale 50% for the next 32 hours. Deadlight got recognition as being part of Xbox LIVE's Summer of Arcade. In an over-saturated zombie market, Deadlight is a unique spin on the genre. It's a zombie game that requires you to think and avoid confrontation, rather than engaging that confrontation with bullets. 

Deadlight's visuals have a LIMBO-esque feel to them, with the use of shadows and a dark silhouettes acting as a nice contrast to the bleak world and lively sky. Seriously, the artwork is intense, and the sky creates the mood for each level -- from the purples of dusk to the fiery reddish of dawn. The HD graphics bring to life the 2.5D platformer.

In Deadlight, you are playing as survivor Randall Wayne, a man searching for his family across Seattle during the aftermath of a 1980s event that destroyed life on earth. The thing standing between him and finding his family are hordes of zombies and the harsh environment left in the wake of the disaster. 

You can buy Deadlight now for 50% off, priced down to $7.49.

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