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ZilianOP might be the worst person on Earth


This is just disgusting. Angel Hamilton, better known to the internet as ZilianOP, has been caught in a lie in which he led viewers to believe he was a paralyzed from the wasted down and constricted to a wheelchair. He used his disability as an excuse to ask for donations from viewers, reportedly earning up to $20,000 in donations over the years. However, his scheme all came crashing down when he mistakenly left his webcam on and stood up from his wheelchair mid-stream.

Several viewers caught the event live and immediately uploaded footage of Hamilton standing from his wheelchair. Though he later claimed that he had momentarily stood up (braced by the wheelchair) and then fell, it appears jig is up. In the video below you can clearly see Hamilton walking in the background and eventually pointing the webcam downward.

Twitch has shut down his account due to "terms of service violations," indicating Hamilton was, in fact, lying about his disability. On top of that, multiple threads and a website have been created about his scam. And just like that Angel Hamilton, aka ZilanOP, has become one of the most hated men on Earth. Rightfully so, this guy is a dirtbag.

Hamilton wasn't acting alone, though. His longtime girlfriend and partner-in-crime has also had her Twitch account shut down due to a Terms of Service violation. In the video below you can here her say "oh my god" when Hamilton gets up, and then attempt to cover with some lame story about her dog... or a fish store... who cares, she's an a**hole too.

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