Zero Type 2 figure landing in June in U.S.

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I know, I know. Why are you reporting news on a Zero Type 2 figure from D-Arts? The truth is I'm just a sucker for anything Mega Man, and honestly, this thing looks pretty freaking cool. Anyways I digress, a Zero Type 2 figurine is coming to North America in June.

The popular character from the Mega Man series is being released a littler earlier in Japan as it will be released in May, while Bluefin Tamashii confirmed on Facebook that the Zero Type 2 figure being produced by D-Arts will make it to the US one month later. The figure has already been priced at 3,500 Yen (almost $46) in Japan, with no information being released on if it will be the same price in North America.

Apart from being one of the most popular characters in the X series, the figurine version of himself will host multiple saber additions and complete awesomeness. More pictures can be seen here.Can't wait to check this out in June. [MegaMan Network]

Heath Hooker
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