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Zeno Clash 2 makes it to PSN 3 months late

Zeno Clash 2

Zeno Clash 2 is finally out on the PlayStation Network after three months of delay, according to the PlayStation Blog.

The first-person brawler/role-playing game arrived on PC in late April and Xbox Live Arcade in mid-June. But the scheduled PSN release has taken even longer.

I reviewed the game earlier this year on Steam and found it a mess — but one that would probably play better on consoles. I think my favorite part of the game was just whacking miniature crabs on the beach.

The PC version was riddled with bugs, some of which developer Ace Team have fixed. It certainly seems that console versions would at least be more stable considering reviews varied depending on PC builds (albeit a problem I've never encountered before using Steam).

Atlus PR manager John Hardin confirmed that no demo is available. The game costs $15 on PSN.

Stephanie Carmichael Twitter: @wita
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