ZeniMax Online: 'The Elder Scrolls Online will be same experience on Xbox One, PS4, and PC'

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ZeniMax Online Studios is looking to offer the "same AAA experience" with The Elder Scrolls Online, regardless of your platform of choice for the upcoming MMORPG. With the game now announced for Xbox One and PS4, in addition to the already established PC/Mac version, gamers have more choice than ever before, and it doesn't look like you'll be missing out on any quality as a result of your decision.

"We are not trying to skimp or compromise on quality across any platform," lead PvP designer Brian Wheeler told GameZone. "It's going to be the same AAA experience whether you're Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Mac."

The majority of our conversation revolved around the large scale PvP battles that will take place in the game, some of which will involve over 200 players on your screen at once, in addition to the thousands already in Cyrodill. Although the demo at E3 was running on a high end PC, Wheeler assured me when asked how it will translate to next-gen consoles that "the quality is going to be right there, the same."

"You can tune the graphics to fit a computer that has a GPU of at least the last three years or so. The quality is going to be great on any type of computer or the Xbox One or the PS4."

Furthermore, The Elder Scrolls series already lends itself quite nicely to consoles, so you shouldn't get bogged down with clunky controls.

"In terms of when you're playing on a controller or a mouse, the combat still feels the same," Wheeler explained. "It still feels good. We have left-click to attack, right click to block; the same thing translates over to a controller very well. You use the mouse cursor to kind of drive your character on a PC; you get that same feeling with a controller. It plays great."

Be sure to check back to GameZone later this week for the full interview with ZeniMax Online's Brian Wheeler, and read our hands-on preview of The Elder Scrolls Online.

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