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Zelda for Wii U in research and design phase

Miyamoto - E3

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shigeru Miyamoto said that Nintendo needs to examine the most important gameplay aspects that would bring a new console Zelda to "a very big audience."

Last year's E3 trailer garnered a "positive reaction," but Nintendo is highly interested in "the way that tastes are broadening in video games [as] you have some people who prefer more casual experiences, and you have some people who prefer sort of those more in-depth experiences."

Miyamoto confirmed that they're still in a research and design phase, where the team is "looking back at what’s worked very well and what has been missing and how can we evolve it further."

"With the last game, Skyward Sword, that was a game where you had motion control to use your weapons and a lot of different items, and I thought that was a lot of fun, but there were some people who weren’t able to do that or didn’t like it as much and stopped playing partway through it," he said.

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