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Zelda Fan Decodes Hylian Language


If you're like me, you probably took notice of the various runes and ancient writing adorning the world of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and dismissed them as nothing more than scribbles. Even the recently released Zelda compendium declared that the language was simple too ancient to be translated. Though dedicated Zelda fan and budding-linguist "Sarinilli" took on the challenge, today announcing that the Hylian code has finally been cracked. 

Apparently the language is simple letter substitution, with the various squiggles each representing an English character. Fans have been having fun translating the various writings found around the Skyward Sword world, noting that signs say "Read Me!" and other fun little secrets. 

Sanirilli has released the Hylian font on their DeviantArt page, letting Zelda fans craft their own ancient writings. Check it out!

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