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Zelda Arrives on iOS ... But Not Officially


So The Legend of Zelda has gone mobile. Of course, if you know Nintendo, then you're probably aware that the company wants nothing to do with the mobile gaming industry. That can only mean one thing: some goof made a fake Zelda game for iOS.

News of this ugly and pathetic "Zelda" game came courtesy of Destructoid. Apparently, some lazy jerk thought he could make some easy cash by taking Nintendo's popular franchise and making some sort of limitless platformer out of it. The whole thing looks very standard, and it hardly looks like fun.

The developer, Audio Attack, seems to have a track record for taking pre-existing licenses and making its own shoddy rip-offs. Sure Ultimate iZelda Climb only costs 99 cents, but I hardly think it's worth it. This is exactly the type of content filtering that allows so much garbage to land on the App Store.

If you're going to purchase something on iOS, I would suggest going with an official game. Maybe try something like Scribblenauts Remix. Yeah, I'd wager that that's a much better game.

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