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Zack Snyder releases totally bad ass image of new Batmobile for Justice League

About that no killing rule?


It must be good to have a bottomless piggy bank, especially when it comes to the ability to outfit the Batmobile with the most ridiculous weapons possible. A new image, provided by director Zack Snyder, shows off the new Batmobile and it's totally bad ass.

If you were worried about how many people were on the wrong end of Batman's apparent aversion to his own "no killing" rule in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, then this new Batmobile for Justice League probably won't do much to quell your uneasiness. Loaded with all kinds of high caliber weapons and an incredibly intimidating appearance, it seems Batman may just abandon the rule altogether. With Steppenwolf fast approaching, even his para-demons won't stand a chance against this Batmobile. 

Justice League releases this November 17th, just after Wonder Woman on June 2nd. It's the last DC film to release this year, with next year seeing only Aquaman having a set release for July. The Flash was delayed out of February, and Affleck's The Batman is in development but has a release date still in limbo. 

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