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Yub Nub: Ewok companion coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic

Ewok companion Treek, Star Wars: The Old Republic

If you've been wanting an Ewok companion in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you're in luck. With Patch 2.3 comes an Ewok companion named Treek.  

As exciting as it is to have Ewoks in SWTOR, Treek is a female Ewok Bounty Hunter. You read that right: Bounty Hunter. Blasphemy! How the hell does an Ewok become a bounty hunter?! How embarrassing would that be if you're an outlaw on the run, and an Ewok is the one to hunt you down?

Treek will wear heavy armor and uses Aim as her primary stat. She comes with both a heal and tank stance. Some of Treek's abilities have her hurling a spear that does damage and applies a bleed effect, hurling a cluster bomb that does AOE damage, and tossing a medicinal berry for a group heal. 

To get Treek as a companion, you'll need to be Legacy level 40 and have one million credits for each character that you wish to unlock this companion on. If you're short on credits, there will be a Cartel Coin option available. 

To see more screenshots, videos and abilities of Treek, visit

What do you think of Ewoks coming to SWTOR? Like the plan for Treek? Let us know in the comments below.

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