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Your Mom Hates Dead Space Sweepstakes


In 2009, Electronic Arts came under fire for their controversial and outright dumb marketing for Dante's Inferno. Dead Space developer Visceral Games eventually came under fire for making Dante's Inferno in the first place, as it was easily the most blatant and worthless God of War rip-off to ever taint home consoles with its presence. Since then I've stopped caring about all things related to Visceral, including Dead Space 2.

But here we are again, with another off-the-wall promotion, this time requesting that fans make their mothers watch select gameplay footage of Dead Space 2, then record their reactions and put them online. Whether it was intentional or not, it's a nice poke at the overall unfounded reactions anti-video game figureheads usually have.

To see some of the entries, head over to the Dead Space YouTube channel.

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