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Your ears aren't prepared for this Kickstarter video


Kickstarter is absolutely filled with hilarious introduction videos that generally try their best at grabbing your attention, and then grabbing your wallet in hopes for support. Hell, one of my favorites recently was Double Fine's Massive Chalice video. It succeeds by not trying to be well produced. Cheesy script, bad acting, all converge into a relatively humorous video that can both inform you about their game and make you smile.

But then you have Kickstarter videos like the one from TikEmo for Withering Away... or Wasting Away? It's not clear because despite the title being Withering Away on the top of the page, the description says Wasting Away multiple times.

Honestly, if I close my eyes, I can imagine sitting around a crackling campfire, listening to a camp counselor tell a scary story, who is obviously completely in character.

You have to admire the passion going into this recording, which obviously drove him to finish it in one take, as there are few obvious work stumbles. There are even times when some of the words aren't understandable. That's fine too, it all ties to its mysteriousness.

And then comes the description:

Wasting away is a Co-Op survival. Whats that? "Oh another survival game, the only difference is its co-op" Wrong. There are many survival games, true. But this one is amazingly different. There are no Zombies, no aliens, no amazing monsters that come out of nowhere and shout "SURPRISE" before blowing up and killing you. This survival game is open world Survival, defense FPS Read on more if you want to know why this is not like any other survival game.

So there you have it, a survival game where enemies don't shout "SURPRISE" right before they kill you. Damn, I bet there would have been a market for that too...

You can head on over to the Withering/Wasting Away Kickstarter page here, and support it, or not. The choice is yours!

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