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Your Dead Space 2 Halloween Costume Isn’t As Good


So, you’re thinking of being Isaac Clarke for Halloween?  A solid costume – the man’s been through hell and maybe worse… twice now.  The Dead Space 2 rig he wears has an eerie, metallic, futuristic, and very sci-fi feel to it.  What!?  The Halloween stores don’t carry Isaac’s engineering rig, absurd!  Relax, you can make your own.  However, no matter how hard you try, you will NOT make one as like THORSSOLI did.

It starts with a dream.  Add aspects of a: philosopher, artist, craftsman, sculptor, tinkerer, and photographer and what do you get?  The most bad ass Dead Space 2 rig ever, that’s what.  THORSSOLI from his blog “When my Brain Leaks, the Drops Drip Here,” hand crafted his own Dead Space 2 engineering rig.  Now, I don’t use the phrase hand crafted lightly.  I mean, he used plywood, PVC pipe, scrap sheet, clay, rubber, wire, and many more crafting supplies.  This isn’t a weekend conference center cosplay event, this is the real deal – workbench included.

But seriously, check out his blog and how awesome of a costume this is.  As a Dead Space fan, you WILL be blown away; even if you’re not you can appreciate the craftsmanship, time, and effort he put into it.  Warning: if you’re wearing this thing you may see visions of Nicole.


Dead Space Costume



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